Ponzi Scheme website


Fiverr is always a great place to starting your online earning business, here you not only meet new people around the globe but also improve your skills, services and constantly learn.

Meanwhile where we see many people working for a positive cause, there we see some blacksheep too. I just faced a client few days ago who wanted me to create a website, where he will take donations from people and return them double donation (different people will donate to random people via website system, where owner will have multiple accounts so he can pretend to be receiver donor). Buyer was ready to pay me 150$, tough this project was a big one, but I became ready on “ok, it’s for a good cause”

My habit is I do extensive research before starting a site, meanwhile in this process when I searched on how to implement such site, I came to know such websites are know a Ponzi Scheme/peer-to-peer website, in such websites we take donations and when the website is on it’s peak, the owner closes the website and switch to new website; after taking huge amount of money from innocent people.

I believe no religion teaches any person to harm people, even it’s against ones ethics.

Well for this I’ve two recommendation:

For Sellers: I know you are here from learning, but never do such thing which will have an ultimate bad impact on any person life. You might earn 5$-$$$$ but you should never sell your ethics.

For Fiverr: I know you have a great spam checker system, what if you implement one more algorithm of suspected keywords, or may be some other algo., even check sellers profile who make such websites, or other harmful content. I even saw there is a seller with good number of gigs sold for Ponzi scheme sites. So such accounts should be blocked, because this might effect Fiverr ranking as well.

Well, in end I’ll only say:

a man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Ethics exists, but it’s implementation is seldom done, and it is followed by a lesser group of people.

This is a wonderful post and I strongly think it should be in “Conversation” because it will be a quite an interesting topic of discussion.

My 2cents on why Fiverr will not follow through on your request to ignore these requests, is because Fiverr does not discriminate on the type of products and services it sells.

Fiverr prides itself as being the largest seller of digital services online and a place where anyone with any idea can capitalize on it via utilizing their platform, lest it be evil.

So my recommendation would be, that if you ARE an ethical person yourself, just avoid such requests to have a clean conscious. And understand that it is in human nature to do what is necessary to survive in this dog-eat-dog world.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Hi Djgodknows,
It was nice reading your comment, Yes may be Fiverr ignore my request, but often Repute matters, may be sometime later they include it in their policy, **optimism :slight_smile:

And obviously yes, I ignored the buyer request when I came to know the reality.