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POOF! Message is gone

Hi, Is this possible that we can delete 1 message in whole conversation?
I have a small problem cause buyer wants me to create new work in the same gig and first i did but when he asked for more then i stop. At this point he told me that he will cancel it and i … (You can see this in image)


We did mutual cancellation so he get his deposit and at the end we share some :slight_smile: :+1: and :heart:

Okay, So we did another successful gig and i asked him how did he removed that word.
He told me that

i got warning from fiverr and then they removed it.

Mystery solved.

I was just about to tell you that it looked like a Fiverr staff removal. :smiley: When someone puts anything that is a flag in the system, staff might catch it and remove it. Some flags appear to be automated so the message could be removed almost instantly until a staff member comes to check them.

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Issue Resolved.