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Poor buying experience

I started using Fiverr about 2 months ago. As small business starters, we were referred to Fiverr by a coach for designing needs.

However, the experience in using Fiverr has nothing been short of disappointments.

My first experience was getting a graphic designer to design a logo. It was a $70 job so I had expected the seller to be better than a $5 or $20 seller.

I briefed him on the design and requirements, and gave him one design to follow.

Shockingly, none of the 5 designs he proposed was remotely close to what I had briefed him on or the logo I sent him!

I was outraged to say the least, but I decided to be nice and find him more examples of what I wanted.

After multiple rounds, I decided to be extremely specific. Eventually, I had to tell him explicitly I want (this) part of logo A and (that) part of logo B.

I even had to draw it out for him.

Eventually, I got what I wanted (I suppose), but it was completely my work and design, not his.

My second experience was with another graphic designer for my product.

We went through more than 10 rounds of revision. Each time, I had to spend lots of time drawing, colouring, and listing out the mistakes, and repeated mistakes.

In the end, it was my work and design again.

My third experience was with another designer who thought his work was ‘perfect’ when it’s clearly unacceptable to me.

My fourth experience was with yet another designer who over promised and thought just submitting a piece of work would justify the payment, like what I have read around here. I worked extensively on his work just to provide my feedback. In the end, I decided that I would be better off doing it myself!

I find it baffling that these people claim to have ‘years of graphic designing experience’ but yet overlook the basic design details. I am not a designer but as a normal consumer, I would not have found these designs acceptable.

From where I come from, just producing a piece of shoddy work DOES NOT justify any form of payment. We HAVE TO deliver to the customers’ satisfaction to justify a payment. However, the Fiverr mentality seems to be of ‘hey I put in the hours and effort. You have to pay even though it’s a piece of crap!’

I am appalled at the attitude. Perhaps this is why third world countries remain third world.

I just spoke to someone I know yesterday, asking, “Do you know anything about Fiverr?” The person replied, “You mean that platform with people who take customers’ money but cannot deliver ?”

Such is the reputation of Fiverr.

I think Fiverr sellers really need to reflect on their own quality of work before complaining about bad buyers.

My few experiences on Fiverr would definitely make me look at Upworks.


Just out of curiosity: can you post here for us pictures of what they sent you originally and what was the end result with your input?


He deleted the designs in the chat so I couldn’t save them.

To give an idea:

The proposed designs were cartoonish when I had shown him something with a silhouette similar to this:

As jarring as that.
(I can only upload one image as a new user)

I told a friend about my desired design and showed her what was proposed to me. She was puzzled with the proposal and agreed that they were nothing close to what I had shown her.

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Sellers are not able to delete anything in Fiverr. Once a message is sent, or a file submitted, it’s there permanently.

You were communicating through Fiverr right? You didn’t start on Fiverr, then move to messaging off-Fiverr?


I am sure the seller was able to. It occurred to me I didn’t save the designs so I went back to it but I realised quite a few lines of our chat were deleted. It was on Fiverr messaging system.

Edit: yup, I just went back to check. We were communicating every day but 4 days of chat were missing. That was the time when he submitted the first drafts.

Can it be that some of your chats happened in the inbox and some of it in the order page messaging? Those are two different things and they might be quite confusing


Omg, you are right! The first designs were in the order box. Thanks! I can’t show his exact works though. I’ll give you an example of a proposal:

You wouldn’t believe how often Fiverr sellers who actually deliver quality work have to say no to potential customers messaging them, because those only want to pay a fraction of the seller’s price - and I’m speaking about the actual price stated in the seller’s gig, not about a bait-and-switch price.

Fiverr is a fantastic resource for people with pretty much any kind of budget and in search of any kind of quality. As long as what someone wants and is willing to pay somewhat aligns, it’s absolutely possible to find an excellent match and/or a good deal.

However, you really need to choose your seller carefully, or get lucky, or use additional options that Fiverr offer. With a business account, for example, you can ask to be matched with sellers, and I guess it’s safe to assume that Fiverr will only match customers with sellers they know to have satisfied buyers.

I’ve bought quite a few gigs myself (including from sellers from so-called third-world countries, by the way) and pretty much always got what I paid for.
However, I have to add that I always take quite a bit of time when I choose a Gig/seller, aka “do my vetting” in forum speech - and that’s being mainly a seller here myself and a forum reader, which gives me a bit more insight than many buyers probably have.

As an illustration next to your experience - which certainly doesn’t sound very pleasant - I’ve done a kind of experiment a while ago, I ordered the same thing, a drawing, from three different sellers, at three different price points.
All after “vetting” (checking seller profile, reviews, gig description, right-click image searching, …). All three deliveries were as advertised, okay, and usable, the quality reflected the price point.
I was the happiest with the medium priced gig, by the way, but that was my “fault”, since the drawing style of that seller was the most to my liking, but I was able to see the drawing style from the samples on the gig pages of the seller, so it wasn’t due to any failure of the seller.

I’ve also had a customer who told me they came from Upwork, and was very happy with the work they received, by the way, and that were some big orders, for a fair price.
You should also be aware that many sellers are on several platforms, and that there are many “sellers”, I’d rather call them one-person agencies, who only pretend to do the actual work themselves, while outsourcing to Fiverr, or vice versa …
Just to add that keeping “customer beware”, and “due diligence” in mind is a good idea on any platform.

Just to provide an alternate view/experience, because I know that Fiverr is a very valuable resource for people who spend some time on looking for the right seller matches.

There are lots of sellers here who provide good and great quality, and who have customers who actually are able to judge the quality they get (which can be hard, depending on what one orders), including solopreneurs, medium and big name businesses (and I mean big), and come back over and over again.
Many of us have many regular customers over years; we wouldn’t, if all of us would deliver subpar quality.

I’d encourage anyone, including friends and family, to look for a good match for their needs on Fiverr, with the caveat of “vet, choose wisely, invest in a few small Gigs with the sellers on your shortlist, and continue to work with the one(s) you’re the happiest with, regarding both quality of the deliverable, as well as everything else”.

I hope that helped a bit in case you still want to try to make Fiverr work for you.


I feel very sad for you. I believe you will find good sellers in future.

Unfortunately, on Fiverr, you can “claim” you have experience (and lots of it) in any field, and really have no idea what you are doing. Unfortunately, it is the buyers who end up figuring out the person has no design experience or experience in (fill in the blanks) the Gig they are offering.

Seems you should have had better luck if you were avoiding the $5 Gigs to get a logo. Ridiculous.


Person with the same problem: I posted a buyer's request for a logo... I'm shocked at the seller's offer - #18 by strategist_ceo

Some advice: Story time for logo designers

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Thanks for the kind responses.

I am a new Fiverr buyer so I am not sure what’s the best way to navigate the place. I don’t even know how or where to post ‘buyer’s request’ as I have read on the forum.

I have resorted to ranting in the forum because I am having another frustrating experience with an ‘experienced graphic designer’ over layout design of a book.

I would say, to a normal human reader, it would be reasonable to expect consistency in the paragraphing spacing, and sentence or line spacing? I wouldn’t expect a book to have different spacing even on the same page.

However, it seems to the designer that I am being unreasonable or OCD. To him/her, it’s ‘perfect’ and I ought to ‘love it’.

After staying up for hours two nights in a row, just to type out the mistakes and how to make right, and take pictures to draw arrows, circles and write texts on what are the amendments to make, my daughter laughed and said I might as well do the amendments myself!

I have decided to cancel the order but the seller has not responded to my cancellation.

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My sympathies.

source: Fiverr Help and Education Center

Do you have a vetting process? Do you contact the sellers before you place an order?

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I see. Thanks!

I look through their reviews and the samples on their profiles. I contact every seller just to make sure they are responsive and they understand my requirements. I also ask for additional work samples to see if their style is aligned with mine, or at least to my liking. And recently, I have started to avoid ‘designers with years of experience’ from certain places, thinking that that would be safer.

Unfortunately, this experience tells me that even their work samples may not be an accurate representation of their actual work. I just read on the forum that their samples may not even be their own work.

I am not expecting the seller to get me on the first try, but this seller is even unwilling to make changes as he/she feels that it’s enough work for what he/she’s paid for. Admittedly, it is not a huge budget, but it was on the seller’s custom offer that the budget was set after knowing my requirements. I fact, the seller over-promised to deliver certain more fanciful items but told me it couldn’t be done at the delivery. I didn’t insist on it as I only needed a simple thing to be done which I could have done myself if not for the fact that I wanted to outsource it to save time.

I think attitude plays a big part. My product designer required a lot of handholding and close monitoring. Although I was also frustrated that I had to guide a ‘graphic designer with years of experience’ in the design field, of which I have zero experience, I was impressed that she never once complained that I was too picky for the Basic package. In the end, I offered to pay for her Premium package because I felt that she had exhibited great attitude throughout.

That sounds incredibly frustrating. The only other suggestion I can think of is offer to pay for a tiny sample. If a $5 super-rough-quick-sketch doesn’t come through, or doesn’t meet your requirements on the most basic level, you’re only out $8, and you know to not return to that Seller. If a seller relies on clipart modifications, they’ll likely not be able to actually draw with even a hint of skill.


I have not read every word of your posts, but perhaps you would have better luck with a TRS (Top Rated Seller.) Their work will cost more but they are vetted by Fiverr.

Also, I would not recommend buyer requests. Most of the sellers who look for work there are new sellers.


I am sorry I didn’t clarify. I am ranting about the book layout designer. At least the logo designer was willing to revise the design, at my suggestions and sketches, till I was satisfied.

Really? There’s no reason to insult people from third world countries. We should all be equal, not point fingers left and right.

You may want to try PRO sellers if you have very specific requirements, those tend to be a little if not a whole lot better than cheaper options. Logos can also be very subjective.


Sometimes I just need something simple to be done as starters. The TRS are probably offering more fanciful gigs which I don’t need.

You do not know for sure until you check them out.