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Poor comunication on purpose?

So, my English isn’t perfect, but I’m sure my buyers could understand me well. I also have buyers with not so perfect English. They made mistakes here and there but I’m able to understand them well. And whenever there is a buyer I can’t understand more than 30% of what they’re saying, I’ll check their profiles. Surprisingly most of them are from countries where English is supposed to be main language (i.e: US, Australia…)

The buyers who make small grammar mistake of course are from countries where English isn’t their mother language. But they do try to communicate as much as I do. Yet those I referred to at the beginning seem to be the opposite. As if they don’t care whether I understand them and provide exactly what they want. They throw money out and I’m suppose to find a way to read their mind.

I believe if someone actually has a job and know just a little bit about business email, communication… would never send something like this. ( (xxx) is buyer’s personal information)

"I would like a book cover (xxx)i would like it done in the same drawings as the fairies title of the book (xxx) this would be on top of the book at the bottom of the book it would say(xxx ) story by (xxx) you already have the photos I would like her to be in a school uniform white socks black shoes green skirt green v-neck sweater whit shirt green and yellow tie like the photograph i sent you black hair and red rosie cheeks i hope this is what you need from me just remember this is a children book so lots of beautiful color you can put rolling green hills in the background with a we white Irish cottage "

This isn’t even the worst, but at least I’m able to copy and paste it here. The others are disjointed sentences sent in separated messages. I even asked if they were on a phone or tablet and had trouble with typing but they said no. And the funny part is they’re supposed to be WRITERS (since I’m doing book illustrations).

Send a note confirming your understanding before you start the project.

I know exactly what you mean, I’ve had several experiences where the customer makes really weird grammar mistakes and most of their sentences don’t make any sense.

Just out of curiosity I usually check which flag is on their account and surprise surprise, most of the time it’s either U.S, UK or Australia.

I think it might be the same case where the sellers fake their countries to get more sales, say someone from Sri Lanka changes their IP address so a U.S flag shows up on their profile.

Even tho I have no idea why a customer would do that, what difference does it make where you’re from if you’re a customer.

As for the disjointed messages, YEAH… that’s my biggest pet peeve, it’s very annoying… to wake up in the morning and see that you have 25 messages in your inbox, and a good 19 of them are from this one customer who can’t and won’t bother to post the update as one message in the order. 9/10 the messages can be put together and they make a perfect sentence like … “Main artist is Young Thug” … NEXT UPDATE “And The other artist is Trap God” NEXT UPDATE “I want cars on the cover” … NEXT UPDATE "And diamonds"

It’s like … please forget about the submit button until you have the order text put together…

Another thing is then they call us unprofessional when we ask for cancellation.

Reply to @rebelnation: Yeah, grammar mistakes or some typos, I can understand. But no punctuation, random capitalize,… I can’t find any excuse for them rather than being lazy and disrespect.

Talk about lazy, I don’t know how the android and ios apps are, but using computer we must click the submit button every time. Why bother doing it before finishing their messages? It would make more sense if it’s like FB chat, we enter and it automatically submitted.

You know what I think? When people send those types of messages, more often than not, I would bet they aren’t from a primarily English speaking country regardless what their profile says AND they are resellers. That explains why it all seems so choppy and they send several updates because they’re the middle man. That’s the conclusion I’ve come to anyway.

Reply to @enormousstyle: I don’t think so. If I’m a buyer and hirer a middle man (even without knowing), I sure would choose who knows how to capital the “I” and end a sentence with a period. :stuck_out_tongue:

To me middle men are usually the best customers because they deal with all the headache for me: contacting client, explain what a pixel is…I don’t really mind they’re selling my work for higher price.