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Poor conversion on My Gigs

Can anyone kindly go through my gigs and help me with tips on how I can improve them? I’m getting very poor conversion rates

You’re offering writing but you’re not a skilled writer. Your grammar isn’t even correct.

Selling things you aren’t proficient in raises red flags and it’s actually a kind of fraud.

Also, this is an extremely competitive category on Fiverr with many competitors who can write well and have perfect grammar. So why would anyone hire you?

And why are you offering writing if you don’t even know correct grammar?


In addition to what HIS said, your gig description is boring. There’s nothing in it that inspires me or motivates me in any way. I’ve seen better descriptions from people who aren’t writers.

Also, your average response time is 14 hours. That’s too long. If I had a question about your service, I’m not sure I’d message you. I think I’d just look elsewhere for a seller. Fourteen hours, on average, is a long time to wait for a reply.


If you’re having a hard time writing about yourself or your services, try the AIDA formula. It’s spoken about in this free course:

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I asked for help. If you can’t do that, don’t throw jabs at me. Just ignore.

Thank you. I’ll take your observations into consideration and I’ll try the course.

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You’re welcome. The whole course is pretty good, but you can skip to the parts about writing a gig description, if you want.

Once you’ve learnt about the AIDA formula (if you don’t know about it already), you’ll find lots of examples online to inspire you when you write your own copy.

Don’t feel you have to use the formula, but it’s useful if you’re drawing a blank.

Good luck.

One final tip: You may want to consider adding some writing samples to your portfolio. Every writer has his or her own unique writing voice. Give potential buyers the chance to read yours. :slight_smile:

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Reality IS help. And I am not going to help you make your gig look more qualified than you actually are because that would be deception.

When you post asking for help selling something you aren’t proficient in, you’re going to face objection.


Your basic pack offers topic research…

The gig does not look like you researched how to make a gig.
So how could a potential client believe you would truly do so?

There is a HUGE promotion for the free basic fiverr course on how to make a gig…
Yet you didn’t watch it, You also did not check out other people with similar gigs…
Especially not the best-selling ones. Else your gig would look VERY different.

My tip to you is to follow the Fiverr basic course, implement their tips & tricks, then check out and research other suggestions given on the forum.

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