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Poor Customer Service From Fiverr and Ended up with Levels Removed


I’ve recently got removed my Levels on Fiverr. I’ve joined 2012 November and did great jobs on there provide my service as my best. I don’t have limits on my revisions; I don’t charge any extras for revisions.

But recently one of my buyers made $5 order and he asked me to provide him service which I generally not offer on fiverr. Basically I don’t know how to do that what my buyer asked. Then I explained him about it. I explained that I don’t know how to do what he asked. I agreed him to deliver as per exactly I agreed on gig. Then once I delivered, he was very upset and said that’s not what he want. But I explained him by best. But he keeps sending messages to me threatening me. I was worrying about negative and then I try to do what he asked.

I spent about a day of mine and learnt those coding from W3shools and delivered him what he wanted. Then he didn’t like what I delivered. The one I delivered finally worth more than $5 and I didn’t ask any penny from him. But when he said that he even didn’t like the final work I told him, if I need to re-do this, I will charge $20.

Then after several discussion he paid and again I did it exactly he wants. But when I delivered him he again shouted me that he doesn’t like it and needed his refund. But I didn’t refunded and told to Customer Service. Next day buyer left me two negatives. Then I explained to CS agent and sent all the proof. But CS agent didn’t remove my negatives even though he agreed that buyer try to scam. I respected his decision and stayed away.

This buyer had 5 orders with me and 3 of them he was really happy about my work. But Since last incidence he left me another negatives as well.

Then after i got another unreasonable negatives, I get back to CS and that particular CS agent told that he CAN NOT help me regarding this case anymore. He didn’t even check the last my message.

By the way I think buyer opened case against me and finally Fiverr refunded that buyer and removed my level 2 as well.

This was really let me down and I don’t have any sales now. Normally I had one or two orders at least per day. So far after that case I got only one order.

Fiverr had great Customer support at past. But I think that Customer Service added to past as “Once upon a Time Story”.

Feels… :expressionless: Because when we report buyers we will lose our Levels and buyer will get refund as well.




Generally level will be removed due to lots of cancellation. I don’t think for single cancellation it can be done. Fiverr customer support is really nice but from several months, usage of fiverr has been increasing drastically. Due to this reason, number of sellers, buyers and number of sell are also increasing. Obviously, number of tickets to customer support is also increasing and it is one of the reason of slow response from fiverr support.


Thanks. But I’ve only about 15 cancellation from around 500 orders… and CS agent told who handle my case wasn’t care of my case, I really understood it because h when I ask something e reply something totally different. That’s why I called it poor.

I know they have TOP CS agents. (VAL / MARIA so and so… ) But some of them really don;t care about sellers. As same as Buyers they should care of Sellers as well. Unless Sellers there’s no buyers, unless buyers there’s no sellers. Unless both there will not be Fiverr.

I recently read so many threads that Fiverr CS getting worse day by day. May be they have more tickets. But that doesn’t meant they should lower their quality.

And yes, Response time is bit late. But it’s really acceptable.

Finally; I Loved Fiverr. But probably you may know when somebody loves something and when it changed what it becomes.

No choice. I just do only online things as my main income. (Fiverr and other freelancer formats due to my temporary disability - I’m not physical stable to work hard due to Accident on 3 months ago.)

But have to run this game. Life is not easy. #:-S


I remember clearly the first time when Fiverr banned my account for no reason. I wrote countless emails to Fiverr Customer Support but all I received was general explanation.