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Poor English or a scam attempt?

I seriously can’t tell. I get uneasy when they insist that I have to download something and get all I ever wanted.


Can be either, can’t tell for now. Generally though, I have a bad vibe on this.


Pixel drain looks pretty genuine to me. They can definitely attach it to the message but there shouldn’t be anything wrong with the link

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Suspicious at least. :thinking: They can not attach type of the photo…

Occam’s razor, if you are uneasy now you may consider to refuse such a job.


The phrase “I will give you all you want” is interesting. I assume they are meaning money, in which case we all know that scammers ALWAYS try and appeal to people’s greed. This is how most phishing attacks work.

Also, if a buyer “doesn’t know” how to attach a photo and wants to point you to an external site, then it doesn’t bode well.

In fairness, the message chain doesn’t look too sketchy.


This in particular can mean that someone’s trying to send me nudes. :slight_smile: It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.


Even it it’s not a scammer, based on this initial message, do you want to work with them and talk to this individual for a few days straight?

If the answer is no, price accordingly.

If your fee is $50, quote them $150.

Add padding for the increased risk on your end that comes along with bad communicators.

Or just flat out refuse the offer.


They could take a screenshot and attach it.

Even if this wasn’t a scam it’s unreasonable and entitled of someone to expect you to do this.


Pixel drain is geniune, but yeah i agree with you he should’ve attach the image on the fiverr convo


Oh, our interaction is over. They went to look for the paperclip and I haven’t heard from them since. But getting all I want was very tempting.

I never heard of pixeldrain before. Now I know it’s a thing.

Technically, there could be brand assets in that archive (previous designs with source files, videos, brand books, etc.). Which is why it weighed a ton and couldn’t be attached to the message due to size limitations. But in that case, the person has a truly special gift of sounding sketchy without meaning to.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Makes me recall when we were in complete lockdown (corona) and all I wanted was to buy paperclips, but couldn’t (tragic story-no?).