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Poor experience - First two gigs!

I was so excited when I first came across Fiverr, but it was short lived.

The FIRST TWO gigs I ordered failed miserably.

The first never contacted me once until my gig failed - and the second “Website Designer” installed Wordpress templates when I told him that’s what I’d done already! He told me he could not provide me with samples like what was on his profile - he couldn’t do them.

Totally disillusioned - and I have two more gigs waiting to complete. I’M WORRIED!

You can always demand a cancellation or ask for a revision. There are thousands of gigs on Fiverr, what you experienced is just dumb luck. Maybe you’re not hiring the right people, try a TRS, a level 2, or even a level 1 with nice portfolio samples.

If you don’t message before ordering you’re setting yourself up for trouble. Bar one, the only poor sales experiences I’ve had have come from people who didn’t message me first. It’s so important to have your project understood before sending an order, it’s the no.1 piece of advice I have for buyers. Make sure 1. They seller is active and available, 2. You can actually communicate with the seller, and 3. The seller can do what you need them to do. :slight_smile:

That’s why I say that promoting new members is good but not overpromoting like currently fiverr does. New buyers will have much bigger chance to get low quality service if fiverr continue with its search results not based on rating and other relevant factors…

Reply to @inkpetal: Honestly, I’d rather get orders than messages. You can always cancel an order if you can’t do it. As for problems, they come from everywhere, that’s my experience. Fiverr is also full of surprises, sometimes you get great reviews from rude buyers, sometimes you get horrible reviews from people that seemed nice. You never can tell.

@simonjwilliams you just ran into bad sellers, happened to me when i first started buying gigs on fiverr. Make sure you find sellers with high ratings. What i do now is hire different freelancers and the person that does the best job is the person i will be working with for the long run. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tip guys… Still waiting nervously for my two other orders to complete / fail!

I have heard from them both though…

BTW, its a shame I can’t leave feedback when a gig fails. That would help.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: The preference probably comes from the difference in our industries. I get a lot of people with no idea what they want placing an order and it will take 3-6 messages to just figure out what they want. So, depending on how quickly they’ve actually responded and what the order was made for, the timer will almost be up in a lot of cases which is why I really do prefer contact first. That and the fact that every now and then it’s someone who CAN’T tell me what they want because they don’t have the language to express it to me, and I’d rather not start a job than have to cancel because there’s simply no way I can work for them, you know? That’s why I’m sticking by that it’s in their best interests to find someone they can communicate with.

Totally with that horrible reviews from people who seemed nice. The first person to scam me was pleasant as pie until I’d delivered exactly what they asked for and demanded a cancellation. They’re the worst. Get your trust and take you for everything you’re worth. Learned a big lesson from that one.

Reply to @inkpetal: You’re right, with copywriting, I can have a buyer ask me for headlines about making money online, with design, it can be much harder to figure out what they want. You’re very talented, have you thought about making illustrations for teespring? Maybe that’s a service you can offer. There are many t-shirt designers that don’t know illustration.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Thank you so much! Hey, that’s a really good idea.

fiverr need to protect the sellers a little better , I was threatened buy a buyer with bad feedback if I did not modify his gig…I couldn’t believe it. and he gave me bad feedback and it dropped my ratings from 95% down to a 79% from one person bad feedback how can this be.? help!!