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Poor experience with the Resolution Center :(

Hi everyone,
I absolutely love Fiverr and what they have done but I had the saddest experience on this site yet and wanted to share, and hopefully Fiverr will read this and understand the things that are going on with the resolution center.

I had a buyer purchase a gig from me - long story short, but they asked me to deliver them something that I do not perform. So I messaged them, and for some reason this person began to intentionally play games with me. They were saying very rude things to me for no absolute reason whatsoever. My gut knew right away that I should message Fiverr to cancel the order because I knew for a fact that this customer was going to cause problems for me.

So I message a Fiverr rep about my situation, and what they told me? They told me to go to the Resolution center and “mutually cancel” the order this way. I told the Fiverr rep that this user is playing games and was most likely not going to mutually cancel due to WHATEVER odd reason - and the Fiverr rep STILL denied cancelling my order. This is the FIRST time that this has EVER happened to me. If I cannot perform a gig for something, then I have EVERY right to message Fiverr support to cancel the order for me. If my situation is as severe and detrimental as this, then I can care less about my “mutual cancellation ratio” - I don’t want any drama on this site.

SOOO thanks to this Fiverr rep, I decided to “mutually cancel” and to my demise the buyer repeatedly kept declining my request to cancel and basically tried to force me to do a gig that I could not perform.

Finally I messaged a Fiverr rep again, and the new Fiverr rep kindly cancelled my order in a professional manner.

The point of this topic is to let you, and Fiverr know, that if someone wants to cancel an order through Fiverr support, they have every right to do so. I was beyond angry when this particular rep declined my request to cancel the order - this should not happen. I went through hours of stress countlessly trying to send a cancellation request to the buyer which was awful. Hopefully no one has to go through this kind of drama and maybe Fiverr can add some sort of button for sellers to automatically cancel an order.

Again I love Fiverr to the core, but wanted to share what had happened to me so sellers can be aware of this situation as well. There are little knicks such as these that hopefully Fiverr can make some changes to.

I’m guessing your issue here was that you contacted CS before you tried to mutually cancel. Seems to be a policy that you try to at least once before they do anything.

I’ve had a few (as in three or four) similar situations and things went pretty smoothly - idiot orders, I smell the idiocy half a world away (in the most literal way) and request a mutual cancellation, idiot refuses, I contact CS requesting they cancel the order, CS says “sure thing, because idiot”, I have a beer.

Wouldn’t a better title for this thread be “poor experience not trying to cancel an order through the resolution center before asking a harried CS rep to do it all for me because I felt it in my gut?”

There’s no reason to spend hours of stress doing the old ping-pong of cancellation. Issue one or two, then contact CS. The emphasis here being at least try yourself. It’s a drain on CS resources otherwise.

Hahaha, you made my day. This brings back memories.

I feel so sad for your experience. I also like fiverr but some times i feel may be all the rules & regulations are made for us , only effective for poor sellers like us not for the buyers anymore :frowning:

I feel your pain. As soon as you provided proof of his rudeness he violated Fiverr’s TOS. Should of been cancelled without question. Thanks for sharing.

Dude it was like 12 am and I wanted to go to sleep, who wants to ping pong cancel that late at night. All I wanted was to just cancel the order and move on. If this CS can’t spend 2 seconds cancelling an order then they need to find a new job to be completely honest.

I agree with you. You should have every right to cancel an order if you don’t want to work with a buyer without having to ask him for permission.

Your experience is unusual. Generally I will first try mutual cancellation but if a buyer is rude I would expect to be able to cancel without trying that first.

Nobody does, but you could have (tried to) cancel the order then done this the next day. Seeing CS ASAP doesn’t always work. Last time I had a buyer they wanted me to “keep delivering” so they could “investigate his behavior”. Yeah, over $5, but what can you do. They did cancel after 3 rounds though. The buyer is still on the site…

Mine was, 9 rounds I believe? Some people need to stop lol

I’ve gone up to 10-12… for some reason, it’s always the $5 people. I’ve always found that pointing out that they’re wasting their own time (= money) just arguing with me is fun for fireworks.

This one was a $5 order lol. But yeah I haven’t gotten something crazy like this happen in a while. Because of this customer I actually just added Gig Packages on two of my gigs, this incident is totally not worth $5.

I knooow I should of done the mutual cancellation but I just KNEW she would do something like this you know? But it’s over now so it’s all good lol