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Poor experience

I have recently paid a seller extra for a 6 hour turn around. At 24 hours they have “delivered” nothing. Closed as delivered, with a note asking for an extension. I could cry with frustration

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Cancel the order and report to customer service. Closing an order without delivering is against ToS and is completely unnecessary as there are options to request extensions in that situation. While before the extension option was available, I would give someone the benefit of the doubt for a short period, now it should be assumed that it is an attempt to scam and treated accordingly. There are simply too many stories on the forum from buyers who trusted a seller who went outside the rules and then got burnt. Protect yourself and only use sellers who obey the rules.


Thanks for the advice!

I don’t suppose anyone can offer a few tips on how to connect with a good seller?

Don’t get me wrong, I have had a few good experiences with fiverr, but this last order has taken it out of me. Is communication too much to ask for?

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First off to find a good seller just take a look at their profile and gig. If it looks strange or off try asking the seller questions or not purchasing from them. Always trust your gut. There are many, many, many great sellers on Fiverr but there are some scammers. It is always best to message and talk to the seller before you order as well to make sure they can deliver and ask for samples if needed! Hope this helps!



Honestly, you should be able to find a good seller just by looking at their gigs. Any seller who takes their craft seriously will create a gig thats free from any grammar mistakes, or syntax errors. There gig is a reflection of how seriously they take their business.

As a seller myself I take pride in having perfectly crafted gig descriptions, because I know as a buyer I would judge sellers heavily on how their gig is written.

Hope that helps!

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I agree! Great advice!

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What are you looking to get on 5r?

How to find a good seller will vary on the type of service you are looking to get here.

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Mainly some design work in Photoshop. The frustrating thing is that it will be a regular order.


How did you select your existing sellers?
What was the price range you explored?
What type of investment would be required if you purchased a similar service outside of Fiver?

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are plenty of factors to consider.

And as for communication: That depends. If you ordered $5 worth of services, I doubt you’re going to get too much back and forth. If you ordered $50 or more, then usually you can expect more.

Remember that sellers pay Fiverr 20% so a “$5” order means $4 for the seller. Most sellers can’t do much communicating for a $5 order.

Some of us who are more experienced don’t trust that someone will really buy more… You would be surprised how many buyers say something like “I have lots of these…” and then we never hear from them again… (Many will switch in a minute if it saves them $5.)

You are always be able to cancel the order
You can contact with customer care. If he promised to deliver by 6 hrs then he has to be liable for this

Thank you all for your assistance…

It wasn’t the cheapest gig in the market place, I did learn that lesson the hard way, but I accepted that as a learning curve. The one I had taken was $50.
I do not care if I can save a few quid, I honestly just want to get my logo redesigned and then implement that onto the labels etc. (I know you must hear this a lot) - It would genuinely turn into a re-occurring gig for that seller. Even without the label redesign, there would be approx 2 to 4 gigs per month. Some months may be slower and others busier, but that is the nature of the beast.

To be fair, if I were paying a designer to do this not through fiverr, my costs would be massively different, so I cannot complain too much. That being said, response to messages should be a given regardless of the costings