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"poor" hobby artist tries Fiverr~

Hello! My name is Soby! I’m 20 years old and about to finish my education as a “office worker”.
My hobbies are drawing, play video games and sitting in my dark apartment with my cat.
I want to give Fiverr a try to make some money to buy myself a pizza from PizzaHut~

Yeah~ Check out my Gig and I’m always open for a little Chat


Improve your gig and service quality,for more selling.

Well how should I improve my service quality if nobody has commissioned me :stuck_out_tongue: (Please don’t take me tooooo serious)

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You are welcome to fiverr forum


Welcome to Fiverr!
Hope you will have a nice time here and earn enough money to buy pizzas everyday~

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you are so sweet ! :yum::yum::yum:
Best wishes

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Try sending samples to your buyers when submitting an offer

I hope so too :yum::pizza:

Thank you! :blush::relaxed:

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Welcome To the fiverr forum.

You can check fiverr tips category .You will get many tips there.By following those tips you can improve your gigs and sells .I have attached a tips for you.

Best Wishes For You.

Mmm pizza and video games! Love the combo! Welcome

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Best combo ever! :star_struck: