Poor ratings


a buyer (also a top rated seller) ordered my gig, he told me to write on a dead comedian’s elementary school activities, well since the comedian went to elementary school in the 50’s, her school was defunct, and i couldn’t find anything tangible to write on. so i sent him a message telling him i couldn’t find anything on his topic and i asked him if he had some materials i could work on if not, he should mutually cancel the order, it took him 5days to reply me, and by then the order was already expired, but was still on. well in summary, knowing fully well that there wasn’t any source material for his topic, he cancelled the order via the order deadline rather than requesting to mutually cancel the order, this automatically gave me a negative feedback, my ratings dropped to 90%, i reported to customer support, but nothing has happened, well with no sales coming in, I just don’t know how to improve my ratings i’m so confused, I don’t know what to do.


well, its never happened before, i’ve always completed my orders, and i’ve never had a such a case before


Since you are a Level 1 Seller the Customer Support is not so fast responding. But don’t worry, they will respond you and will solve the problem.

I had a similar problem with a client and the moderators removed the negative feedback but I had a quick response being a Level 2.

Have a great day!