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Poor review being hidden from public view


I’m curious to know why my review of a seller has not been posted in his list of reviews. He did a poor job by rushing through it and ignoring my repeated requests. My rating and review was honest. Please explain.

If it has been less than 10 days, it’s probably too soon since Fiverr changed the review process for sellers. The seller cannot see your review until they either review you or wait 10 days. Since the seller has no way of knowing what you wrote, they probably feel pretty paralyzed about knowing how to respond. Most sellers do these days. If they just decide not to respond to your review, your review will show up on the seller’s profile in 10 days.


O…I see. After 3 years that was the first below average work that I received. I just wanted my voice to be heard. Thanks for your response.

Enjoy your day,