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Poor review due to miscommunication (an ongoing story)


So yea,

I got an order, he ordered for my basic package (the buyer wanted an extra fast delivery - 4 days). He didn’t contact me before ordering, which was fine. He only sent a script, which was fine by me. I sent him a visual storyboard 24 hours after, he was extremely happy with the storyboard and said he loved my style and told me to proceed with the animation.

He sent me a video they had done previously and said they wanted to change it and they really loved my style.

I proceeded with the animation and delivered 2 days after (3 days in total). I figured, if he needed it fast, he will need time for some little revisions.

Lo and behold I received a 3 star (with an automatic - satisfactory experience) First time I will get anything below a 5 star. That wasn’t even the point, he didn’t even request for a revision and simply gave a 3 star.

I contacted the buyer in through the inbox and wanted to know why I got a 3 star. he said they wanted the animation in their own style (in the order he said he loved my style and wanted it in mine) and sent me a totally different video (same with what they ordered from me) He said they didnt want their video to sound redundant and they wanted something different, but they thought I will delivered it looking like this new video they sent me. The video he sent in the order was way different, just a hand scribbling stuff, now the thing was, the video he sent in the inbox was animated (but he chose the basic package).

I was not happy because I know how the rating system works. So I asked if I deliver a new animated video, will he be willing to modify the rating since it was a simple miscommunication + he didn’t order the more expensive package. He said yes, I should go ahead.

It took me another 3 days to whip out a new animation. I sent it to him and he was very happy, however he did not modify the rating (not yet)

I have dealt with loads of buyers in the past and hopefully will be able to get this buyer to bulge. I’m still awaiting his review modification.


As far as I know, He cannot modify the review unless you open a dispute for modification via resolution center and (if the review published less than three days, he might change it by himself).
In case the buyer does not agree to modify the review You better open a ticket to CS. They removed a one-star review from my profile. :slight_smile:


Have you sent him a request for review modification through the Resolution Center? The “Request Feedback Revision” option in the Resolution Center?

If not, he can’t modify the review.


Send a request to change the feedback.
Explain ecerything to buyer


Oh, @n4y33m I didnt know this. I clicked on resolve now, the only option I see there is “Contact CS”

@catwriter I don’t see that option,

This is the only thing I see

and when I click that, I see this

Will the option show later?


@kanishkaseo I have already explained to him


@ollydave, You should see two options there, like this:

feedback option is now invisible because three days has passed. Contact CS, open a ticket under “Order support”, provide the screenshot that buyer agreed to modify the review but you can’t see the option and explain the whole thing. They will solve the problem. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Superb @n4y33m Thanks alot!

I really appreciate it. I will contact CS and update you!




What do you mean by this, Somebody please explain me


It’s the comment that’s left automatically if your buyer leaves a 3 star review without leaving their own comment.


Thank you so much. I got it.:innocent:


UPDATE: CS declined. They said they take their buyer’s opinions and experiences very seriously

So I guess I have to happily accept it.

Thanks alot guys!



@ollydave Did you see the reply you got above from n4y33m?

It looks like you did not understand what he was telling you.

You will see the box to request a review change after 3 days have passed. Then you can request he change his review.


Oh, I thought he meant, within the first 3 days of the initial review, the buyer can make the change.

I guess I will wait one more day to see if that option pops up. The buyer has actually agreed to make the change but doesnt know the way to go about it.


Please note that your option to request a feedback modification is limited to once per order, and is only available for 3 days after the buyer has left his review.

That is what customer care sent


Ok then I don’t know. I’ve never used that before. You’re right it’s only available in the first 3 days that he can change it. 3 stars is not terrible though.


It is :frowning: the way fiverr works. not like it is record breaking bad anyways. I will stick my chin up and keep on focusing on the best customer service!

Thanks alot for your help


I had the same story with an inconsistent client myself, moreover, not only did they lack in communication and their English was poor, but they left a 3-star review, and disappeared into thin air, poof. No explanation behind their motive whatsoever. I offered a free revision, but they were long gone… Simply because of such buyers, our hard work is left unappreciated…

I remember sitting there for like 3 minutes, looking at the review while listening to ‘hello darkness my old friend…’ :disappointed_relieved: