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Poor sellers, on fiverr with no way of reviewing a bad experience if they cancel the job

Very disappointed! Think it’s crazy how i ordered a gig, the seller over run the job and asked for more time that ran into days later to then go and cancel my order! I needed it done for a project that was all messed up due to this seller.

And I can’t even leave a review warning other buyers to stay well clear of this seller and he is a big time waster. Why can i not leave a review??

Him then to taunt me after I complained how this messed up my whole schedule.

Think this is a big problem how sellers can take you past the required date to then cancel without any fine or penalty. A penalty would surely put an end to sellers doing this as this isnt the first time it has happened to me.

I am sorry this happened to you. I hope you have a better buying experience in the future. I am a fellow buyer, too, and I know how frustrating undue order cancellations can be.

This is not a big problem. Because… Guess what? Sellers DO get penalized for not delivering orders on time and/or canceling orders. Unless, for some reason, you accepted a deadline extension request from the seller, they will be penalized for it. It will affect their on-time delivery percentage, and eventually, their seller level.

It is the same with sellers who cancel orders. It affects their order completion percentage which affects their seller level too. They do get penalized!


really sorry to hear your experience. seller need to maintain some standards to do business on fiverr. order completion rate is one of those standards. a seller needs to complete at least ninety percent of orders over the course of two months otherwise level down also fiverr evaluating seller performance every month.

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I’m so sorry this happened to you. It’s the same anywhere you hire anyone not just here and all you can do is try hard to make sure the seller you choose has great reviews, and is capable as best as you can.

Most sellers aren’t like that. I’ve been late once or twice in almost six years here, for no more than an hour.

That’s terrible…:scream:

where is customer support email? thank you

You need to remove the username and expletive from the screenshot as that is not allowed on the forum.


You can contact them at:

Profanity is absolutely unacceptable. I am sure Fiverr will take very strict action against this seller. The seller will probably lose their account. Good riddance! :crossed_fingers:


Dear Lee Francis,
really sorry to hear your experience :frowning: Please contact the Fiverr Customer Support. They will definitely help you. Also report to this message

Contact Link:

thank you. so fustrated

terrible !! :open_mouth:

I’m really sorry this bad experience happened to you @leefrancis

You could send a ticket with the link that has been provided by @hanshuber16
Try to document the whole conversation as Fiverr may ask for it.