Poor Sellers that nobody knows about because it is not possible to leave feedback on canceled orders


Hi there ,
I am releatively new to fiverr and one of my first ordered gigs went very wrong .
The seller ******* promised me a web design in 3 days , after almost 3weeks of different excuses of his side the gig was finally cancelled .
The problem is that I lost my time and nobody knows about his behavior because I can not leave feedback if the order was incomplete .
I assume there is more sellers that do what he did and in the end agree to order cancellation so they won’t be heart in feedback .
That’s wrong and I suggest we’ll start putting here the sellers we had a poor experience with and we can not notify other users by feedback .

edited: and i am not the only one that had this sort of issue
Where can report the scammers sellers?
fiverr need to do something more aggressive than he dose now .


It is not allowed to name sellers on the forum so perhaps it would be better to take this up with customer support.


@lloydsolutions is correct. Please read the forum rules! Your post was edited!


Sorry about this experience. Sometimes this happens. But for canceling orders effects on sellers business. Their gig went down in search result. You can complain to support they will take proper action. They will check if he/she did this type of unprofessional behaviour to other buyers , they will take strong action against him/her.


Ok. Noted .
But that means that fiverr covers for bad sellers !!! And help them to lie to the potential customers .
This also means that the ratings are incorrect because the negative cases of seller is hidden and only positive ratings shown … now I can understand why almost every seller have 5 star rating …
If I would be a seller I also would cancel the order if I feel the rating there will be bad .
Sorry to tell you fiverr but you have to be more open and truthfully with buyers .


I did it and I do know they promised to do something but the bigger picture here is that many of buyers just waist they time , as I did . And time is a necessity and we do not have much .
I would prefer if I had the possibility to recognize sellers like this and not to order a gig from than instead of ordering waistline time and trust fiverr to do something with them ( something is very shady , they never tell you also what they done )


Sorry about what you feeling right now. I have woked in other market and there is also no option to see the rating of unsuccessful work’s statistics or rating. There is one option for you, not to accept the cancellation. In this case you will lose the amount of money. Fiverr supports take it strongly. If they find that your comlain was right they will remove sellers gig from search. In serious case they would ban their profile :slight_smile:


The main issue is you waited 3 weeks for a web design when it should of been 3 days. If I didn’t get what I wanted in about 5 I would of bounced to another seller.


I am going to be neutral in my opinion here at the same time give you a piece of advice.

We heard your end of the story about the seller, but you didn’t provide us with much details about your project requirements.

For instance, (stating this from personal experience due to my profession), a standard STATIC website of 4-5 pages with CONTENT, will take about 7 days to create. Plus or minus 2 days. This is my metrics.

Now if you are going to use a CMS system, such as spotify, weebly, wix etc. It can be done quicker as most of the backend heavy lifting is already done by them. So it would be the matter of personal customization and adding content.

Now if your requirement was something similar, AND your turn around requirement was 72 hours, I can guarantee you that someone offering to complete your project for ANYTHING less than at least $70 is going to give you the run around. The short turn around would add at least few extra dollars.

The REAL, GOOD and OBJECTIVE sellers of on this platform would have a substantial cost as in the offerings of companies OUTSIDE the platform.

In the end, YOU WILL get what you pay for.



I have made some assumptions about your project requirements, as stated they were assumptions only. Pardon me, my intention was NOT to offend you in any way.


@psychicbunny you totally right but in the beginning I let him spend a few more days and later he told me different stories why he is going to be late and than he submitted the wirk and it took some time for me to test and after a while I was hoping that I will complete the gig with him in a few days instead of looking for a new guy . P.s. One of my main mistakes that when he send me a custom gig he put inside delivery of two weeks . He told me that this is a Standart thing for fiverr but he will deliver in 3 days . That was my first order here so I kinda bileved him.


I wouldn’t have waited 3 weeks, I would have demanded a refund on the 4th day. If the seller keeps rejecting my refund, I would have talked to customer service.

Furthermore, don’t think nobody will know. If the seller doesn’t start doing better work, he will get bad reviews.



It is normal for developers to set the deadline to 2 weeks encase of any complications or mind changes - One of the orders I completed took 3 months for me to finish due to the complicated work and some design changes half way through. That being said, if he quoted you 2 weeks and didn’t deliver until 3 you have the right to cancel at any time past the ETA he originally gave.

Now, while I do not know the guy, sometimes there are genuine complications that arise in which it seems he gave notice of. On the other hand it could be something else.


I completely disagree with context of your final statement. If a seller quotes someone a price or sets a price for their service, they should provide exactly what they agree on.

Back to @ibuddyka

From my point of view it appears that you was frustrated with how long it took after being quoted 2 week and he said it’ll only actually take 3 days but in fact took 3 weeks. At that point communication, trust and comprehension between one-another seems to have broken down.

While I do agree you should be able to submit feedback in this kind of situation, you didn’t at first tell us that the real ETA was 2 weeks on the clock. We were under the impression it was just 3 in which would be REALLY bad if he took 3 weeks to complete.

So, if anything I would suggest take it on the chin and learn from the mistakes on both sides.

By the way, you can also check peoples negative feedback by going onto their profile and loading all their feedback - the negatives are included in there also you’ll just have to find them in the pile.



Bottom line … if a seller EVER has a “Failed to deliver on time”

That can only mean they are functioning very terribly here on the platform.

It means they did not communicate with their buyer properly … did not set proper expectations at the start of their order … bit off more than they could chew… and they don’t know how to properly work the system to AVOID having a “Bad review” like “Seller failed to deliver on time” on their gig.

So if you ever see more than 1 of these on someone’s gig. Just stay away from it… It’s trash.

I only get one of these if I’m outright sick as a dog and somehow COMPLETELY miss an order… and yea thats extremely extremely rare… in any other case … its because a buyer is being an ass and rejecting an order that I cannot complete until one day I forget to volly it back or didn’t care to create a support ticket to have support cancel it for me… Those situations DO happen… but we’ve learned how to nip it in the bud.

There is simply no way a seasoned fiverr seller should have more than 1 of those “Late order” reviews on their gig… once a year is acceptable … or once per 300-400 reviews or so maybe…

If someone has 2 or 3 of those … and they have a total of like 1000 total reviews on their account… It may be forgiven … but I’d have an eyebrow raised as that’s borderline too many. Its just too easy to avoid those kinds of reviews on fiverr.
(By cancelling the order through support or the buyer before it ever reaches LATE status)
(Great communication and proper buyer coordination is required for best results here on fiverr)

The more times a client has left a review that is not the standard "Oustanding Experience!"
Canned review… the better that seller is probably performing. We try to thank all of our clients for their tips if they left us one… This indicates to the other buyers that we are … well… getting tipped… and that is a silent salesman as well… So maybe look for the sellers saying thanks for their tips on reviews… I dont see it often… perhaps nobody else is kicking this much butt during the holidays! … I know one thing … I got a cake by my name right now…


So maybe look for the sellers saying thanks for their tips on reviews… I dont see it often…

Not sure if this is a good indicator, I get tips often, and of course say thank you, but in a message, not in the public review of the buyer, as I’m not so sure they’d like that, and I suppose that might be the reason you don’t see it often. Of course it might serve as a hint, because usually bad sellers wouldn’t get tipped, but that a seller has no 'thank you for the tip’s in their reviews of buyers doesn’t mean that they didn’t get tipped. I know, you said ‘maybe’, just wanted to add my take on it. :slight_smile:


This kind of thing should be reported to the Fiverr support, I believe they know what they will do


All I’m saying is it’s my style. I’m just stating why I do it. To be honest , since doing it , I’ve gotten tips like crazy… So theres another reason. I’m also not saying to look for it “or the gig isnt good” just so I’m being clear on that. Maybe its the holidays or something… but I’ve been tipped on 80% of my orders in the past 2 weeks alone.

I’m not sure what mechanism would make someone not like being thanked publicly… but I’m aware of it. … However as a social experiment… I’m going to see what happens if I make it look like the norm (honestly) on my reviews… I’m betting its going to net me $50 a month at this rate =P And … why not ? =P In my opinion … when you outweigh the good vs the bad … all I can say is … even the people who tipped and might not like it … will probably still buy from you and its a silent prompt for others to “remember” to tip. Its just what I’m testing… Fiverr is a good testing ground :slight_smile:


Yes, I understand that, and I’m pretty sure it works in so far as getting more tips, I didn’t mean to say it’s a bad thing, I just wanted to state that it might be a good method to find sellers who do get tipped of course, but that it might be not the best idea to disregard sellers who don’t have ‘thank you for your tip’ in their reviews of buyers, only because one assumes they don’t get tipped because they don’t mention it in their reviews.
Yes, it’s a great playground!

The main topic of this thread, buyers who’d like to be able to leave some sort of review/warning to other buyers with cancelled orders, seems to have a few threads already, I hope innovative minds are at work on the whole review system and that they eventually come up with a really good solution, though I suspect a lot still would come down to regarding things individually on case by case basis, and thus, to the need of more staff…

Oh and happy cakeday! that’s the first time I saw this icon here, didn’t really notice it right away. But I’m tired too, from the fireworks and stuff. Cakeday on January 1st must be nice, I’d love that.


Congratulations on the cake and your Fiverr success! :slight_smile:


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I’m sorry but I have e to completely disagree here. Unforseen circumstances can happen, both personal and professional. I have multiple automatic late feedbacks due to a host of different reasons. Buyers are either reached out to (and cancel anyway) or I haven’t got the opportunity to each out to them before they can.

A good example is my son being born - 27 hours followed by emergency surgery. I really don’t think it’s accurate to say:

[quote]So if you ever see more than 1 of these on someone’s gig. Just stay away from it… It’s trash.[\quote]

If anything, this is feeding into the illusion that every gig must have a perfect 5 star rating to be any good and make sales. This is exactly the mentality which fuels the buyer’s issue above - he was over schedule because the seller refunded after going late.