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Poor support from CS

Hi there,
So four months ago, i created a ticket with the Fiverr Support regarding a issue. The issue was that in my earnings tab, the total income amount shows a complete 100 dollar less, while the withdrawn amount shows a complete 100 dollar more. There has been a glitch/bug on the earning tab, and to which i contacted the support. I contacted each week for a response and they told me to wait as they havent received any response from their so called relevant team.

After four months, yesterday i wrote them a detail message explaining my disappointment and how they failed to solve my problem and to mark the ticket as resolved even though it wasnt. To response to my message they marked the ticket as solved.
Now again, i contacted them with the message below:

I am sad to say but i am quite disappointed this time since my problem was > > not solved by the team. For every request i created, all of those requests were solved, i received extremely awesome support in all the issues i faced. But this one had been a bad experience. Quite strange to hear that the relevant team haven't provided a single update since four months. To me its more a surprise that a small problem has too long to be solved and still not solved.
Please provide me with a link to a feedback form as well. Much appreciated.

Their support level has fallen alot. Why is the support even there? Except from giving copy paste answers to everyone and supporting buyers, whats their use? All queries can be answered here by veteran sellers here on forum, and trust me they are more reliable than support as support keep on changing their words everytime we contact. I asked them for a feedback form, and i will leave a pretty good feedback to them this time :neutral_face: .

Also can anyone guide should i leave a really negative feedback or not? Will this negative feedback about the CS affect my account?

@mariashtelle1 @lloydsolutions or anyone else any advice please?

Not much of advice or to do here.

I’m also fighting 2 tickets with support for payments issues. One similar display bug which fiverr keeps just closing tickets and another one with real money missing which is waiting for the update for a month now from a “relevant team” :woman_shrugging:


I wrote to fiverr in a sarcastic manner to mark the ticket as resolved to them, in response rather than being giving some useful update about the issue, they apologized and mark the ticket as resolved and didnt even gave me a link to feedback form. I have asked them again for link to feedback,

but should i leave a negative feedback, i am just worried that CS just not give me a warning or ban me because of their anger.

I wonder if their relevant team is really some development team or just observation team?