Poor Support & Unclear Features


First of all I would like to say that Fiverr is a great initiative but I do have some issues that no-one want to help me with.

A few days ago I had a client from a very well known company. I did the work he asked me to do and he even gave me a tip at the end for my prompt and professional work.

He then decided that he would leave a 5 start positive review, which he did. But to his surprise the work I did for him got accidentally uploaded to Fiverr and to my portfolio without him wanting this, plus it’s a copyright violation that could have mayor consequences for Fiverr and the company in question.

He then went ahead and removed my review thus setting me back in rating.

To my surprise I now can’t send offers anymore via the buyer requests section because Fiverr says I need to have at least a 90% positive rating. I mean, I never had problems before this issue? This was my first review anyway.

The client said he was happy to give me back the review, but he had to be 100% sure the work would not get uploaded to my portfolio.

I then went ahead to contact Fiverr to ask them to remove the work I uploaded that I added to the order when I signed off on the project. But they just don’t want to do this. Which now means I lost a great review, and I can’t use some website functionality and I lost points on my account to be able to proceed to level 2 seller.

I’m quite pissed off!

What should I do and does anyone else have this issue? Let me know.


Reply to @sincere18: The main problem was that the X is shown only when a buyer hovers over the portfolio item. This should be displayed more clearly so that work doesn’t get uploaded by mistake in future. :wink:


Reply to @sincere18: That’s exactly what was the problem. :slight_smile:


I don’t think there is anything unclear in regards to live portfolio visibility, it works exactly as stated in the terms "Work Samples are added to a sellers’ Live Portfolio on their Gig page if the buyer chooses to publish the Work Sample while providing a public feedback review"

I think its really unfair that a buyer punishes you for their mistake!

That said mistakes do happen and in this case a simple feature to allow sellers to remove samples from portfolios would make things easier.

As the client made the choice to show the work (by accident), perhaps support would remove the sample if the client made the request!

If a buyer mentions before the job is done that they don’t want the work to be added to your portfolio then you could deliver the files in a zip, this way there is nothing to show in the portfolio.


@mgjohn78 As I’m a Seller and not a Buyer I don’t know what their options are in the back-end. I did do a search on the forum to find out for him how to go about this issue, but he said there is not option to do this. Who to believe?

So that’s why I contacted Fiverr to at least help me to get the uploaded work removed so he can go ahead and post my review. But they just don’t want to. Even when it’s my request regarding my work.

This way I can just ask the client to review again with no hassle of mistakenly uploading any works.

It’s just a bummer that I lose good reviews and points and rating and credibility and the option to send offers due to this “issue” that doesn’t need to be a big deal in the first place.

The main thing I want is that Fiverr gives me some help so I can get that important first review back, that’s all.


I haven’t bought any gigs in a few months but unless things have changed the option is a checkbox that shows when the buyer initially writes a review!

Ah while typing i saw this http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/204361333-Providing-Feedback

"Buyers may remove the work sample while providing feedback by clicking on the “X” that appears hovering over the work sample."

So seems now the buyer needs to hover the sample image and click the x in the corner (no wonder your client missed it)


@mgjohn78 Thanks for this article. I will forward the link to him and see if he will be so kind to try again. Thank you too for taking the time to help another member out! Great!

veccora said: plus it's a copyright violation that could have mayor consequences for Fiverr and the company in question.

This is the part I'm curious about. How is the work you provided to someone who paid for it, a copyright violation?


@itsyourthing The company I did work for is a well known software developer that anyone with a smartphone knows of. For me to have work that I did for them on my “Live Portfolio” could have implications for me and for any other parties involved like Fiverr.

They did explain me why but I’m not going into that now.

The client asked me to NOT put the work up as a portfolio item, and I said I wouldn’t. But unfortunately the work DID get uploaded to my portfolio causing a problem.

It should be made more clear by Fiverr on how to review something and make sure the work not to be displayed. Now the user needs to hover over the by me uploaded work so be able to see the delete button. This is not user friendly and complicated.


Reply to @veccora:

It’s just simple as that. I don’t know why you are worrying a lot because of this. Order someone gig and tell them to deliver work asap. Review order and 5 rating you will find a sign - while giving review. Just hide the sign and seller will won’t be able to see portfolio even any person. I did many times. I used to buy some gigs and i just order someone to record video for me i will send you screenshot if you would like to see. IN screenshot you will be able to learn how to hide portfolio while posting review.


Reply to @veccora: Click on My Gigs, then on the down arrow of the gig you want to change. At the bottom of the drop down menu that appears, there will be “Live Portfolio” and a box next to it. Uncheck the box, and the files you deliver to your buyers will no longer appear in your Fiverr portfolio.

Also, even if you keep the Live Portfolio on, when you deliver the order, you have the option to choose for that specific delivery not to be added to your portfolio (someone please correct me if I’m wrong).


Reply to @catwriter: In the Graphics Gategory (maybe others) you cannot uncheck Live Portfolio. The best you can do is to advise your buyer about his ability to show or not show the Portfolio. One possible solution, if it is still available to you, is to Re Deliver the work after letting your Buyer know what he should do.


Hi guys, thanks for your comments and your help with this issue. I have sorted everything out and I’m a happy camper.



Reply to @ricksper: Thank you! I didn’t know that.


Reply to @ricksper:

Speaking as a buyer who just had a graphics delivery this weekend, it may be useful to know that the files sometimes just show up as a file listing (?) with no picture. I needed to click on the file name to see the graphic and to download it.

There was no indication anywhere about how to include it or not in the seller’s live portfolio. This one was with a new seller, and she didn’t know how to include or exclude it, either, although she was pretty sure she had her live portfolio enabled… and the graphic eventually showed up on her gig page.

It is not, in any way, obvious to the buyer how to include or exclude a delivery from the portfolio. In cases like the OP’s, it might be best to check with CS to find out how it’s done today/this week/whatever before delivering, if you have time to do so.


Reply to @alexcreativity: Thanks for your message. But I’m a seller. For me all functions of the website are clear as a seller, but for a buyer who doesn’t use the site as much it needs to be clear on how to add or remove works when giving a review.

Thanks anyway! Majk


Reply to @veccora:

veccora said: The company I did work for is a well known software developer that anyone with a smartphone knows of. For me to have work that I did for them on my "Live Portfolio" could have implications for me and for any other parties involved like Fiverr.

They did explain me why but I'm not going into that now.
OK, that still doesn't make sense to me, but that's between you and the buyer. Hopefully the advice from everyone on how 'not to show work' will make things smoother in the future.


Reply to @itsyourthing: I think it will. Thanks!


Reply to @veccora: Good.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Could you please tell me how this is gonna be a copyright violation? If we already did the agreement between buyer and seller then i don’t think so seller going to be used that work with someone. I know very well about the TOS.