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Not acceptable this…

The buyer left me this inbox… :" I really appreciate it. but i have chosen another video to promote my event. thanks for you work"

But left me a feedback with 2 stars : i was pleased with it but, overall i would like it to look differently.

I talk with buyer before and say that this video is what looking for…So I make the video like in the video example…But now buyer say me that she want to look differently…

How can a video be differently from the example video pls??
When we make the video like we have the example…

I don’t know what to do…

You can request a cancellation. Tell the buyer that you would like to offer a refund since they were not satisfied which would remove the feedback and see if they agree to that.
I’m sorry this happened. It makes no sense to leave such feedback if the video was just as the example was.

Some buyers are just weird, whenever I deliver my work. In the delivery comment, I always urge the buyer to let me know if there is anything at all that they wish to comment, and get in touch with me so that if there is any misunderstanding or unhappiness we can resolve it before concluding anything. Its a good practice, and works well, because 1 out of every 2 transaction buyer always wants some tweak to match their ideal vision and it lets them know that I am open to communication and making sure they are happy is my 1st priority.

Some people are just idiotic, if it was a $5 order then just offer the cancellation if you want the feedback removed. Personally, i think your response to that comment explains what happened well. I suggest you edit it to remove the “not acceptable” part though. Other buyers looking at what she said will see that she is not being fair.

just don’t care of that bad feedback created by some stupid buyers. It sure effects your positive rating percentage but doesn’t effect your sales. There are so many wise people in this world who see your good reviews and really don’t care of one negative among them. You are Level 2 with 99%. Just try to earn more positive review so that this bad review will look small.

She say that don’t want a refund…Also she say not will go back and forth about this…I’m so unsatisfied about this…I think like you,why buyer wait something different from the video example?? This not was custom order,was basic order…

Yes, also the buyer ask me for changes, and when make this say that it’s not bad just changes some thing…And at the end I take this result :confused:

Thank you I know it, just I don’t feel happy about this,…Why happen things like this…I done my job well exactly in the video sample and buyer wait something different…This is so out of mind and rules…

Thank you for your opinion…I just change it to :

ME: Do you want a video like this that you have order or just a simple video promote? 'Cause at inbox I say that you can check my profile

Buyer: I did check out your profile. the one i choose fit my promotion

So why you wait something different or why you say that not was the video you order?