Poorest gig seller in 120 gigs bought


They say that this is the ranting pot - well I am ranting - I have written to management and asked for a refund - not a reply - here is the story to date - I ordered 20 yahoo emails with phone approval - I got sent 9 - by ******* (poor name for a cheat) this is his first statement - " Hi sir yahoo rate is high now so i have give you 9 yahoo accounts. If you need more massage me with one more order."

Paid for 20 got 9 and most one of them had been set up properly - this went on for 10 emails - and the last email a repeat of the previous three was simply -" accept " after I asked for a refund - I assumed that was an agreement to the refund - It was not!!

Despite writing to fiver - still no refund so I leave poor ratings and then off course he leaves me a poor rating - to be expected i suppose – I don’t sell so I doubt it will bother me - however why has the management done nothing - no explanation no refund and no communication from them

After 2 years and 120 orders this is by far the worst - Makes you think about who to buy from and whether to trust fiver’s ratings - Jock Tiernan


There’s no refund because no cancellation was initiated (although that refund would only be in the form of a Fiverr credit). CS is somewhat strained, so responses can take up to a week to arrive. You might as well just go to the gig page and initiate the cancellation process.

Check out the forum rules too: you’re not allowed to call out buyers or sellers by name. Anyway, his only review is yours, so for $5, you’ve pretty much destroyed any hopes he has of a business here. A heartwarming tale just in time for Christmas. Given that the seller offers refunds if not satisfied, clearly has poor English skills and didn’t know how to initiate the cancellation process, this is a case of doing it yourself then badgering CS if it goes awry. Mind you, I don’t think that reviews get removed if [sellers] respond to them, so if you really want to twist the knife, get your money back, destroy his business and expose him on the forum.

Hell yeah! Justice!


My question is: why are you trying to buy free Yahoo email accounts?

I think that might even be against the rules of Yahoo.


Their PM ate an onion like an apple.

Do you ?


probably wants multiple accounts without having to use phone verification, or accounts from other countries? But still if you know what you’re doing you can bypass all that, with a really simple loop hole, LOL