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Pop art 5$

$5 FOR FULL COLOUR HEADSHOT with extra attention to shading and highlights

  • head to shoulders!


    NEED IT FAST? EXTRA $20 delivery within 48 HOURS

    Sorry, no animals or objects, this is for people only.

    The Basic $5 gig includes !

    A Headshot of 1 person (Detailed illustration with extra attention to shading and highlights)

    In 600x600 pixel .JPG file

    how to buy this:

  1. place the order(ORDER NOW button) if you are not sure what to order, please contact me first.
  2. send me the photo that you want drawn( VERY important, Send me a good quality PHOTO, (at least 500kb) well quality photo for the best results)
  3. receive drawing, complete the order and give review.

    See gig Extras!

    1- Extra $10 for PSD layered file

    2- EXTRA FAST DELIVERY (2 days)-$20

    3 - size 1200x1200 pixel 300dpi +$5

    4 - size 5000x5000 pixel 300dpi +$10

    +EXTRA $20 FOR EXTRA FAST DELIVERY - Get your drawing within 48 hours.