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Popularity of Women Reviews

I’m new to fiverr, curious on your opinion about whether testimonials given by men or women are more popular. Also natural vs professional.

I’m big into candid, real life scenario reviews personally, that’s what I’m going to offer. Something real and fun to watch. But I’d like to know if you think it’ll be successful here at all.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I think natural reviews are more powerful. As for the gender issue, it really depends on the product or service. If I’m selling a tractor, I’m not gonna hire a woman because my male target audience is not gonna take her seriously. After all, most farmers are men, most tractor buyers are men, and even if you show a woman in a bikini on top of a tractor to get their attention, chances are that won’t make the sale. Sex doesn’t always sell contrary to popular opinion.

There are a lot of businesses online that haven’t been thought through. People who own these businesses often think getting a cute girl to front them = more sales. It probably does, in a way, but it’s a fairly simplistic marketing method. Because of that, any cute girl offering reviews on a place like Fiverr will always have work.

As far as serious business owners go, they’ll usually want a talented person in front of the camera to give a natural testimonial. It just looks more convincing. Whether these people pick male or female depends on the product, as FC said above me.

I like how you’ve diversified yourself to try to meet your customer’s needs. So many girls just write “female testimonial” and leave it at that. I like how you’ve honed in on a particular type of niche. I think that’s always helpful.

Everyone looking for a video has different needs. There’s a huge mix of those who want natural videos vs. professional, male vs. female. Many of my clients have not just worked with me, but many other video people as videos can be as low as $5. I looked at your profile and you have some cool gigs. Keep at it! Best of luck. I’m sure you’ll have orders flooding in soon.

P.S. I’m so jealous you’re from San Diego. That’s my favorite place in the world! Maybe you could incorporate the beach/San Diego itself into your gigs, like having a gig where you take a photo holding a sign at the beach or where you write a message in the sand, depending on how far you live.

Thanks, all! Helpful, for sure. Hopefully I’ll get my first client soon enough, wondering how I should go about trying to make that happen. I’ve already responded to people looking for gigs but I guess there is a maximum # you can apply for.

Allie, I’m definitely considering it. I do live a block away from the ocean :slight_smile:

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Is it wrong that I want to do a review for a tractor company now? hahaha

Reply to @alliemadison12: Allie, I’m definitely considering it. I do live a block away from the ocean. Maybe I’ll do something special with that in addition to what I’ve got :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice!

Reply to @sara1984: Appreciate the info. And thanks for saying that, about the diversification. I figure being up front about the kind of personality I have (and how it translates into video) would be better, and probably more enticing in a sense. Hopefully there is a need for my “niche” haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @hermusic: It’s perfectly logical, as soon as people tell you not to do something, you want to do it. I’m the same way. :slight_smile:

You know what category is desperate for reviewers? Sex toys, adult stuff, payday loans, politics.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: FUNNY you say that, I am a passion parties consultant so I sell adult novelty items for a living HAHAHA!

Reply to @hermusic: Awesome, so you’re a natural fit.

fastcopywriter said: You know what category is desperate for reviewers? Sex toys, adult stuff, payday loans, politics.

OMG YES so many of them are looking for videos. I will direct them your way then!