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Popularize gigs without social media

I’m not on any social media other than Snapchat and it feels like there’s no easy way to advertise my gigs. Is there a way to popularize my gigs without social media? Thanks

There is no easy way to advertise fiverr gigs. It’s hard because you need to target people that are:

  • Familiar with Fiverr
  • Want services that you offer
  • Can afford your services
  • Believe that your offer will be suitable for them

If one of those points are not checked, you probably won’t get any orders from advertising. And if you don’t have many great reviews then probably it won’t convert anyway. I think im great at my job but my advertising skillls sucks.

When I don’t have orders I spend whole days advertising but nothing converts from many views. Facebook ads, quora, community forums, just trying to reach my audience but I find marketing very hard especially when it comes to Fiverr.


Social media create awareness which helps in brand awareness and lead generation. Without Social Media Awareness there is no such way to popularize your gigs