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Pornography on Fiverr

I am a buyer in discussion with a seller for a custom gig. It is all going well until I see one of her recent review images - a full on vaginal/anal photoshop job. It has really put me off. I am now in two minds getting that seller to do the job because I WILL NOT want my work in the same space as pornographic work.

Question is what is fiverr’s policy on pornographic work. It really needs to think carefully about the direction it wants to go because it will very quickly either fall into the all pornographic images camp - or make a decision to keep the site clean.

What do you guys think?

I have the same question. In the terms, the adult services are banned. But I have seen some gigs offering those in the featured sections.

Bring the matter to the attention of Customer Support. I’ve been around since the site first launched and know they tolerate items of this nature.

Thanks. I’ll raise the issue with customer support.