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Portfolio image added from order

Hi everyone,

I have just completed my first order on Fiverr and I have seen that automatically, one of the images sent to the client has been added to the portfolio (with fiverr watermark).

How is selected which image to be displayed? I’m asking cause the image selected it’s not that representative for the final work. Can that be changed or canceled?

Thank you


To cancel or remove you need to ask the CS.

However, to inform you when you deliver your order the file you attach will appear on your gig if the buyer approves and leaves a review on your order, So, it’s up to you what you want to show

Thank you very much for the info!

Actually, I had no idea which of the files will be selected to be shown when the client left the review. Had sent to the client several files, that’s why I had no idea which one will be added there.

#stilllearning :slight_smile:

it will automatically add if buyer add it to your portfolio, if buyer need privacy that he/she doesn’t want to add image in portfolio he will hide it from delivery window, its up to buyer if buyer will add it or not.
And also its good for you if buyer add it in portfolio, it will show your work and you will get more orders.