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Portfolio Image error

After completing the order and review by buyer,only thing is i can see in my profile is review.there is no portfolio image.Anyone know how to fix this?

You need to make sure your live portfolio is switched on in the ‘gigs’ section.

Your buyer is asked when they’re in the process of accepting their order if they’d like their sample to appear in your portfolio. If they agree, then it will. If they don’t agree, then it won’t.

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You can’t do it
Reason: Whatever you have sold to your buyer is now SOLD, So you can’t have it without buyer’s permission
in the process of completing the order your buyers are always asked if they want to show preview of work is done or not? So they chose it not to show and don’t worry about the Live Portfolio its On by default.

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@jhallawalla @offlinehelpers Thank For the help guys.I really appreciate it.