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Portfolio image in the review

I have seen some sellers have reviews with images of the work they delivered on their reviews how can that be done? Does the buyer select the option to keep the portfolio image when giving feedback? Is it only for level 2 sellers?

I am talking about the last step in this link…

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It’s for all sellers, sellers just need to turn on the live portfolio option. Yes, the buyer has the choice if he/she wants the image to be seen in your profile when they give feedback.

How do i turn on the live portfolio option?

Go to “My Gigs” and click the little drop down arrow to the far right of your Gigs.

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My gig have this arrow but portfolio is not showing .

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If your order deliveries contain images, and if buyer has allowed to showcase them while posting review on completion, their review and your final work will be displayed.

Thanks .

My buyers said they allowed it. i have already ticked the live portfolio but n my profile under the reviews I cannot see the portfolio.

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HELLO nichole92!
I have the same problem of what you told in last reply please help someone.? Also my gig is’nt showing in the field of search i make and that’s why I didn’t make it next project accept some one refers me. What to do please help someone?