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Portfolio image..issue

whenever i delivered order i also set image for portfolio but it does not shows on my portfolio even all of my gig LIVE PORTFOLIO is activated …from last two order it does not show …but when i move the mouse cursor over the place of portfolio images it appears…
so is it a gig or anything else ??? and how to fix it.
thank you…

Your portfolio image will only be included if the buyer chooses to tick the box to allow it, when the accept the delivery.

If they don’t want it to be included, they won’t tick the box, and it won’t show,

*Sorry - for this problem, please ignore the above - sorry I misunderstood. :slightly_smiling_face:
Added - just visited your gig, and I see what you mean now - the thumbnail of the portfolio image is visible, but when you click on it, it becomes white. Then I refreshed the page and it seemed to be visible again.

Could it be part of the recent bug where many people seemed to lose their portfolios completely for a while?


but when i place mouse cursor over it it appears.

thanks @merciavideo for your kind suggestion…
but its from last two weeks :blush:

Maybe you need to contact CS then? :wink:

Added - I didn’t look at the images in the screenshot you’ve now posted above (thank you!), but it’s also happening with your images in your gig gallery.

clear your cache and refresh your page

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Good advice for the OP and anybody else reading this thread, but not so good for potential buyers looking at his page, who just won’t see the images, and won’t think about their cache etc… :wink:


Each users cache is different sometimes it is just for him only. I didn’t check it seems there is an issue with Fiverr since even I cannot see it properly

@abdullah_shah is that works for you?

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No it didn’t work when I checked seems there is an issue with fiverr

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no its not working i still in contact with CS…
CS Asked me to clear cache and cookies.after this they told me to use different browsers and disable ad blocker .i do so .but still issues is not solved …they also told me to upgrade adobe flash player and many more BUT NOTHING WORKED FOR ME…

YES. your are right i am stil facing the same issue CS is struggling to solve…

Don’t worry its just two samples pics but still there is good feedbacks right

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when i place mouse cursor over the place of portfolio image then it sample work appears ,.;.,;.can you please check it also appears to anyone else not .
thank you so much for your fruitful words.

Still same my friend it doesn’t work properly

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