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Portfolio images do not appear when using FIVERR app

Hello everybody,

just wanted to check with you and see if someone else is having same issues. Whenever i get an order completed and the buyer is a FIVERR Smartphone APP user, the portfolio image does not appear.
And it’s not because the buyer specifically chose not to display it because i asked, its just because they are using the app. images automatically are not shown… they only appear for people using computers/laptops…

it has become pretty frustrating for me, since some of my best work with great reviews is not displayed in my gig portfolio… i am sure that those samples would bring lots of buyer activity because of the quality of the work and complexity of the project.

any ideas on why this is happening ? can this be changed? nowadays, majority of people stay mobile, and rely only on their phone so in this rate, i dont think i will have any gig samples to show in the future…