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Portfolio / Impressions decreasing

I am facing some issues. Suddenly , my impressions are decreasing and my portfolio is not visible to the people. Also, clients are unable to order from my gig.
Is there anyone can help me with this ?
Thank you


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What do you mean by ‘portfolio’, how do you know it’s not visible, and why do you say people can’t order?

On impressions: If your impressions are dropping, please read this. [ARCHIVED]

today , I received a message from a client demanding portfolio. He asked me that my portfolio is not visible . Other day, another client messaged me and asked me to create custom offer because he is unable to order from gig.
Moreover, my impressions are decreasing day by day.

Might have been a glitch on their end, as there was a display bug a few weeks ago. I can see your Live Portfolio just fine. If they meant something else, they would need to clarify.

There are a few bugs that have popped up on that recently. Did the buyer provide details? Was it a lack of button in your gig? Did their card not go through?

no.He asked me to create custom order.