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Portfolio Items on fiverr

Is there any way that we can feature our completed work as a portfolio to attract more buyers?

Yes, but make sure to ask permission from the buyer of that completed work. Some buyers do not like their work being used as examples.

yes I have gotten their permissions but i don’t know, how and where to add the items in portfolio. Will you guide me. I will be thankful

You can actually just place it as other images on your gig or you can turn on the live portfolio feature wherein the next buyers of your gig can choose if they want the completed work to be previewed in your portfolio. This only applies to image/pdf kind of work. If you want to preview other kinds of completed work, you may want to take a screenshot or picture of such and place it as other images on your gig. (You can place up to three images and 2 PDFs – this will be sufficient enough to show samples of your work)