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Portfolio Link leading to my website... Against Fiverr TOS?

Hi Everyone,

I create explainer video ads for businesses and would like include link to my portfolio website in my gig description such that any buyer can copy the link and and open in a new tab leading to my own webpage outside Fiverr.

Is that allowed? Is it against TOS?

Thanks for your anticipated replies


Sharing off Fiverr contact details is not allowed.

Here is a list of approved portfolio links:

Scroll right down to the bottom.


It depends on your website, does that website contains any information that allows the potential client to buy from you outside of fiverr.

It is inevitable to exchange contact information for some gigs, especially those that requires preorder evaluation, such as google adwords… Or to show websites, a web developer has done before, it’s quite necessary.

At the end of the day, it depends on how you communicate with the client on fiverr BEFORE directing him to your website.

No. Yes.

Even if you direct buyers to a website with no contact info, you’d be breaking the ToS, unless you’ve had specific advice from Fiverr CS which says otherwise.

Best to stick to the links @lloydsolutions gave you.

A potential solution would be to put your videos on YouTube. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

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Personally I find this debatable, you have the upper hand of it being written in ToS… But I think it’s open for interpretation, it’s almost impossible for web designers (digital marketers and some graphic designers) to sell their gigs, if they don’t show their samples.

It’s a norm to take a look at their previous work before hiring. The ToS is designed to be broad, but I believe it can be debated… It will be nice to hear what web developers think of this.

Personally I’d stressed to potential clients that I only work on fiverr, before giving them my Gmail, just so I can evaluate their ad campaigns. It’s almost impossible to skip this step (at least to me) to evaluate how we can help the client.

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Simple answer NO

Seeing they are videos and YouTube is allowable, why not post to YT (you can set each vid to Unlisted so they are viewable by anyone but not publicly findable if necessary) and then post a link to a Playlist of your verdant videos.

Here’s one I prepared earlier: Mix Walkthrough - YouTube

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Personally I won’t consider working with a web designer if I can’t look at their codes. A video won’t cut it.

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