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Portfolio link , which and how?


Hi Everyone ,
i want to know if i can share my portfolio link when sending CUSTOM OFFERS? what are the rules of sharing portfolio?
and which one is better and/or acceptable (behance , flickr, dribble) ?

Best Regards


The above mentioned websites are not allowed to be share on this platform. If you did share, your account can get banned.
The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:

Note: If you use a URL in your Gig or in profile description, which is not in the above list, your Gig may be denied. Repetitive violations may also cause an account to be restricted.



thanks for the reply , 1 more thing is it must to shorten the link?


I don’t understand this thing… But it would be better if you just share the main URL without using any link shortner. At forum it is not allowed to shorten any links so I think the same rule will apply to main website.


can you please confirm me? cause i dont want to ban my account :smiley:


It is better if you don’t shorten the link. That way people will have a better idea of the website the link is going to take them to.

Let’s say the shortened version of the link: is abcd.ef/xyz or something (they’re just random letters btw), people are more likely to click on the first URL because they know it is going to take them to Fiverr’s terms of service. However, the shortened link doesn’t offer people that information.


ahh thanks , i just wanted to know if it is mandatory to shorten the link , else giving proper link is much better …


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: It really useful for me


Shortened links always look suspicious. I never click on them, and I’m guessing that many of your potential buyers wouldn’t click on them, either.


When you use a URL shortener, it masks the source of that page, so people don’t know if it’s a malicious link. People want to avoid this and will avoid clicking that link.

It’s best to be transparent. A URL shortener is only really helpful for two things: making a URL/message memorable and tracking click activity with the link.


The problem at times with using the original url is that it might be too long and looks very untidy.

However, I agree with the opinions here. Url shortener will only do you more harm than good. In most cases, it will even scare away potential buyers from clicking on the link.