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Portfolio pictures not always full size

Been having a lot of trouble with gigs loading a slither for a live portfolio, including my own. Happens on many computers. Tried with Chrome and Opera.

Basically it loads about half of the image. I have to refresh a lot to get it to show the full one :(.

Are you using any extensions or add ons to your browser? Which Opera version? What’s a slither?

If you’re still having issues, you can reach Support here:

I also get that so I don’t think the problem is on our side (unless it’s a huge coincidence) I have to refresh it or just scroll up and down a couple of times and it shows correctly. Can’t say that it bothers me that much, but if you have a slow computer that takes its time refreshing the page I can see how it can be annoying…

The only extensions I have are adblocker plus and fireshot.

A slither is a small piece of the image :).

Reply to @cristinaghy: It wouldn’t bother me if I got it in one or two shots…but then again when I’m opening 100 tabs or trying to get something done fast it becomes beyond irritating.

I don’t think it’s on our side either, unfortunately :).

Reply to @alundra: I would try disabling your adblocker just to make sure it’s not causing the problem. If that fixes it, maybe you can enable it on a site by site basis.

I use that extension and I disabled it on Fiverr. That fixed some issues for me.