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Portfolio sample bug

I completed 2 orders. Buyers ensured me that they accept my portfolio sample to show in the gig. but there are no images added in my gig. Is it a bug?or how to solve it?


I think either they didn’t keep the sample enabled (if you delivered an image or something that can be displayed there) or you haven’t got live portfolio checked for that gig in the gigs page. I doubt it’s a bug. They might have clicked on the image but then it disabled it from showing rather than enabled it (it’s enabled by default I think when you review) - they might not have known that clicking on it would do that.

I’d just check the “gigs” page to check that live portfolio is selected.
Also I wouldn’t pressure the buyer to leave it enabled. It’s up to them whether they allow it to be displayed.

they enabled they told me. they r experienced buyer