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Portfolio site which fiverr approve!

I am a new seller and work in the data entry sector. Most of the time buyers ask for a portfolio. But as Fiverr terms, no links are allowed with personal information. So please tell me which site will be best for the data entry worker portfolio supported by Fiverr terms? Waiting for a response from the expert!


Here is a list of approved portfolio links:

Scroll to the bottom.


Thank you again. I have read this from one of your replies but I need to know which will be best for data entry worker portfolio.

It’s not for us to do your job for you :woman_shrugging:
You need to check all approved websites and decide which one will be more suitable for your needs.

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@mariashtelle1 Thank you. I asked here to finding someone who is a data entry worker and has experience with a portfolio website supported by the Fiverr term. It’s ok, I will find it by myself.