Portfolio visibility handling


as a sellers we have to starting projects day by day , some buyers not liking to showing what they designed by us .so i think fiverr have to add some of tools from seller side about portfolio of designs can be handle visible or not for others when buyer rate order they not care portfolio visible or not, as a result some buyers not returning coz they think its posted by us ,



If that’s becoming too much of an issue for you -I’ve only faced this a handful of times over thousands of orders- then unfortunately, it’s your responsibility to educate your buyers.

Fiverr has never bothered adding a small pop-up for new buyers to inform them that they only need to click on a tiny button to exclude their delivery from a seller’s portfolio.

There may be an article about it over on the buyer’s help center, but I doubt anyone ever reads that.

So, it’s up to you. Just add a short sentence in your delivery template, that politely informs the client to click on the thing that makes the live portfolio sample go away!


ur reply great <3
thank for the help