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Portfolio website - does it increase sales? Let's see


I’m thinking seriously to put out there a website to get more traction to my gigs from outside Fiverr.

The plan is to simply write informative articles which eventually will get indexed in Google (it take up to 6 months) and then I might be able to see some results. Of course, how I market everything will impact directly the results.

However, I was wondering if you guys have a website which get you leads and if you do have, do you track the leads to keep track of the performance of the website?

I am thinking on creating some sort of voucher for a nice free bonus or 50% discount to all my gigs or smth like that. Anything is possible if you put your mind into it.

What do you think?



It is a really great idea to do this and it won’t take any longer than a couple of days to get indexed by Google. If you continue to add to the site, even with short posts about what you do and related info, you will find your pages start to get real visitors even within a short space of time.
One seller mentioned that he gets 50-60% of his leads through his blog/website so it is definitely a good thing to do and I think particularly for visual gigs like yours. I suggest you always ensure you have your profile link on any images you have in your portfolio as well as a “Get 99 personalized quote images like this for just $5” message.


Thanks a lot for the reply! That would be great, to see results after a few days - a week. In my experience with other projects, I started seeing results from ranking in SERPs only after months, usually 3-6 months. However, like you said, it’s worth trying. I’ll definitely do that and update with a new post when I will get results :slight_smile:


Of course, it depends on what you do, the site content etc.
Make sure to spend time on creating a post/image process where you follow a number of steps with every post or image you have on the site. This will ensure you don’t forget to do the important things like alt-tags, image descriptions, headings etc. Create your own step by step method and stick to it and you will reap the rewards. Many sites don’t get anywhere because regular posting is seen as a chore to get out of the way rather than an opportunity and if you see it as a chore you will just do the bare minimum necessary.


You are right! It’s a matter of mindset and technique after all :slight_smile: Thank you!