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Portrait drawing for $5


Hi, I am an illustrator, artist, writer. I want to keep going with my passion but I need help. So I post a gig that will help me continue and make a little income at the same time. I can re-draw any portrait picture you in my style professionally for $5. This will help me earn some income at the same time, provide you something you need. Life of an artist is a hard one and my other jobs barely pay the bills. Thank you~

P.s. Check the gig for sample of the portrait sketches.


Fiverr is a business marketplace and you have to come across as professional. To say that you do something else and will do this to the best of your ability will not inspire anyone to buy from you. Have a look at other gigs to get some idea as to how you should present yourself as a professional but do not copy them. Good luck! :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: thank you~ Will do. I appreciate the honesty. I’ll see if I can change it. :slight_smile: