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Portrait Sketching on Valentines day

NOTE: This will be available on on Friday dated Feb. 12, 2015, Not today or the next other day(Reason is I am going to get busy today and on 11, I can only do photo editing at this moment, If interested then check my Gig for Photo Editing connections).

So what is special about my Gig?

  • I will I make it look like you are the person who draw it by inserting your hand written signature like purely scanned Portrait sketch signature and date as well.
  • I will put your Message too(depends on the buyer if they want it or not). 2 options, I will type by text on the PC with your choice of fonts or you will still hand written your message just like the signature process.
  • I will provide it wth white looking frames.
  • I will provide you color too.
  • I will give you the source file if you asked for it.
  • {(If you want it to be delivered in provided address with fantastic frames. kindly leave message through inbox. However, I prefer not because it will cost money. 15 USD Total. If you also want the colored version then +12 USD which makes it total amount of 27 USD so I prefer you to not)}

If you are doubting for my Sketching Portrait Skills. you can check on my PDF Gig Portofolio and more.

Before ordering. kindly message me first. Thank you!

still open :slight_smile: