Positive feedback and tips give anyone else a fuzzy feeling?


I was on Skype with my husband when I jumped up randomly and shook my butt a little while yelling YAAAAYYY!! He thought I was going into labor, but I had gotten some good feedback and my first tip ever! I don’t know what it is about Fiverr but seeing that green thumbs up always puts me into a great mood! :smiley:

Do you guys feel this way too or am I crazy?


Aaaaand I forgot to put it in the correct forum section. *facepalm.


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Oooh… wow… adjusts glasses thanks. Couldnt see that tiny thing. x_X


Absolutely love positive feedback. Especially when it is personalised! After you got through that thrill of it not being negative it is great!


Sometimes, when they leave me detailed feedback, I pretend it’s Christmas.


I’m always extremely thankful for Positive Feedback. Because it’s not absolutely necessary. And nothing in the world tops those Buyers that are as passionate as you are about your gig. =)