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I have over 20 orders that i haven’t received feedback for, i contacted each buyer asking to please leave feedback and that it was important to me…Right now i sit at 96%, I’m quite sure i would be at 100% if those people left feedback…Why is it so hard for people to leave feedback…SMH!


Some people are too busy, some people just don’t care, some people don’t realize how important it is, they’re new to Fiverr … there are quite a few reasons some people don’t leave a feedback.

But, it’s good that you contacted your buyers to remind them (politely, I hope) to please leave you some feedback. That is what people usually advise those who are missing a lot of feedback try to do. :slight_smile:

If they still don’t leave any feedback, there isn’t much you can do unfortunately. :frowning:


I also thing that your rating has nothing to do with whether or not some one leaves feedback. I believe that the Rating is based on the Positive and Negative feedback that you do have. You don’t loose rating if they don’t leave feedback.


Thank you for the feedback it’s very much appreciated. I do contact them and remind them politely of course. @Jetfumes - Quote -“Rating is based on the Positive and Negative feedback that you do have” My point exactly…If i did have those 20 some odd feedback from my customer, than my rating would be higher…On top of all that, it wasn’t even my fault that i received the negative rating to begin with…A buyer failed to submit there work…I contacted them numerous times to please submit the work before the deadline, they never responded…The deadline passed i received the negative rating and i’ve been trying to get back to 100% since…I’ve had 100% rating for months now, and that number doesn’t seem to want to budge from 96%…I quite don’t understand…Oh well, a learning experience for me i suppose…Please forgive my long rant…lol…Enjoy your day =0)



Indeed, highly annoying :frowning: 650ish positive feedback, which means less than half of the orders I have completed have left me a review :frowning:



I feel your pain Ryan!


Happens all the time dude. After a while you just stop worrying about it. In fact when someone is nice enough to give me a positive feedback (instead of an auto complete) I smile and think that there are a few nice people still left in this world. I wouldn’t care if they just clicked the thumbs up and said nothing, but they wont even do that.