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Positive Ranking is 87%, Not Getting Orders. Any Solution..?

Hello Guys,
I had Completed two orders and one gave me negative review and now my Positive Ranting is 87%, due to this i m not getting orders as well as i can’t send buyer request. Any Solution Please…?? Best Regards nadeemturabi

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You did not receive a negative review.

A 3.5 star review is still a positive one.


If you type “90% for buyers requests” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


but overall positive ranking is 87%. So what should i do.??

ok thank you so much i will

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Well there are two things you should focus on right now:

A) review the order that was rated 3.5 stars and see what went wrong, so that you can improve

B) until a new order or inquiry presents itself, work on your craft. Hone in your skills.

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ok thank you so much

Another piece of advice: do not call other people “dear”.


ok sure, i will not call it again :grinning:


I just checked your profile page and I see you have delivered only 2 orders since October 2017 when you signed up. If that is correct I have a suggestion that I think may help you. Why don’t you delete your account and start again with a fresh account. I would never suggest that to a user with many completed orders but I think you have nothing to lose. You will not lose any clients. It seems that something went terribly bad in your first job so you got this 87% that will be quite difficult to mend. If you are Top Rated or Level 2 one or two bad reviews won’t hurt but here this is a problem. Unfortunately I think that this 87% will probably keep potential buyers away from your gigs as there is so much competition.

Please read Fiverr’s TOS carefully before you follow my advice though. Because the Terms change from time to time and although this seems a good idea to me I am not totally sure that you are allowed to do as I suggest.

Anyway, I wish you luck

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Thank You so much for your time…
Best wishes for you too

Don’t do this… Fiverr will probably ban both accounts.

He has a 4.4, all he needs is to market his gigs on social media, start a blog, and focus on expanding his gigs, editing his gigs, etc. He has 2 reviews total, which means that another 5 star review would be a huge bump.

so keep trying, you’ll make it

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oh thank you i will not delete this account.
Thanks for helping me


Don’t get frustrated. Make a good portfolio of your gigs and promote in social media. When a client contacts you, try to respond quickly and discuss your job very well with the client. Make sure, whether you can actually do the job or not. Communication with the client is also important.

Apart from that write proper title, description, tags of your gig in order to rank your gigs. Most important part is your patience. Always have the attitude of NEVER GIVE UP.


Thank you,

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promote your gig on fb…then you can get more oders…:grinning:

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Thank you so much bro I will

Thank you so much, i will do it

good luck bro…

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same to you bro, thank you so much

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