Positive Rating and a question


I, as seller, completed several orders and got some positive review. In this review a buyer gave me 4 star feedback that I did not like since I offered unlimited revision. He could have asked for revision again and again. But unfortunately he gave me 4 star review that lowered my positive rating. With a view to gain my previous rating, I canceled the order. But unfortunately enough my positive rating was not increased and remained at the same position. Could anyone tell me please what I can do now?


Probably not much. To remove a review after completion, the buyer has to agree. Did the buyer agree to remove it in trade for a refund? Did the buyer even accept the cancellation or did you offer it until the time ran out? If it was that, you may be stuck with the review and forced cancellation damage. Luckily if you don’t have many of these, it doesn’t hurt much.

If the buyer did click to accept the refund and stated that they would remove the review, send the screen shots to Customer Support.