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Hello, I have a question. is it necessary to have a number of positive rating on one particular gig, which was rated low. or the positive rating represents overall rating of the whole profile and will increase as the number of reviews grow.


Hey @interpretivist!

I think I may be able to help, but I’m not certain I fully understand the question. Could you rephrase it? :smiley:



i meant that, how does the positive rating works.

for example, i was rated a 4 stars on my one gig and due to that my overall rating dropped to 99%. so now i want to increase it back to 100%. so is it necessary that i will improve the rating of that gig or any other gig rating can help me. i actually made a test gig and i received 4 stars on that so i deleted the gig but the review is still there and the rating didnot increase. so now i wonder how to increase my rating back to 100%.



This is a tricky situation because all gig reviews, no matter if they were on active or deleted gigs, play into your overall rating. Mathematically, it’s very hard to get back up to 100%. A buyer rated me with two 4 stars of the three categories for a particular gig, and even with 63 other gigs that were mathematically “perfect”, it still brought me down to a 99% overall rating.

If it is something that is very troublesome to you, I would recommend contacting Fiverr’s support service to see if there is anything that they can do. I do have to say though that a 99% is still incredible, and I’d like to congratulate you for your hard work! :smiley:


Thanks, my rating never went down from 100%. but i observed a change due to this one 4 star. i did manager to increase my one particular gig rating from 4.9 to 5 stars with the help of 6-7 5 stars. however, ths 99% positive rating is annoying me. good let me contact CS


Best of luck! @interpretivist