Positive Rating has dropped from 4.9 to 4.7


Hi, I have not received any order for the last 2 months and now suddenly my positive rating has dropped from 4.9 to 4.7.
Please guide why this has happened and how to improve it.
Also, please help me understand how to start getting orders again as I was getting 2 months ago.


Bilal, you are better judge of yourself, I would recommend to work harder on quality of your work… This is the only way to improve it and ONLY YOU can do it.


Great advice! I completely agree.



It is still 4.9 not 4.7.


evaluation is done in every 60 days interval as far as I know.better contact in support


I didn’t deliver any order in 2 months, so apparently it is not related to quality of work.
The rating was 4.9 since yesterday but today morning it has suddenly dropped to 4.7.
Also, I didnt make any changes in the gigs. So unable to understand the drop in the rating.


Kindly check this image.


You’re quite right - on the analytics page it’s based on the last 60 days. Your last feedback was 4.5, which in itself isn’t bad at all, but it’s enough to bring your rating down as it has.

I hope you can get another 5 star review to bump it up before the next evaluation.

I can’t think of anywhere else that a score of less than 96% would be considered poor enough to be demoted - it’s very unfair.