Positive Rating Percentage is Mathematically Incorrect


Out of 634 reviews on my account, 632 are positive. The positive rating percentage shows as 99%.

To work out the percentage you would need to divide 634 by 632. The correct answer is 99.68%

To get 99% you’d have to round down, which isn’t the correct thing to do.

It seems that they don’t want to show 100% unless you have all positive reviews, so why not have 99.7%?

The only other thing might be if they are taking reviews that are 4/5 stars into account, but then it shouldn’t be labelled as “Positive Rating”, because 4/5 is positive. They already decided that 632 are positive, so then why are they redefining what positive means immediately after that, it doesn’t make sense.

Either way, I think something should be changed.



You have 634 reviews ( Plenty enough) , your average is 5 and you have a really outstanding profile. Do you really think that 1% matters. Cummon. :rolling_eyes:


Am I reading right or you’re posting a thread to complain about 0,68% over your positive rating?
Buyers will find you with 99% or 98% positive rating… because of your work and not because you could have less than others… unless you really think buyers will choose to buy over a difference of

+/- 0,68%



I’m reporting a bug that the calculation is wrong, this forum is for reporting bugs. I know that 99% is good as a review score.