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Positive rating to low to make new offers!

I’m getting this message in Buyers Request. I need to find out how to fix this. I’ve only had like 3 jobs so far 2 of which have gone very well and I have got apparently good reviews. I look on the analytics page and I’m seeing good numbers except for response rate. All my jobs have gone well except for my last or 3rd job which had some difficulty primarily due to communication issues. Client would often take 30 to 40 hours to respond to any communication. In any event I got paid but client left a low rating.

So now I get this message on the Buyer Request page. Obviously with only 3 jobs it doesn’t take much to fall below 90%. I need to find out how to get past this. If I can’t make any more offers how can I raise my percentage of positive rating?

Also is there a place to see customer reviews and ratings for each job I’ve done.

Like I said Analytics shows me good numbers except for response rate everything else is solid green.


I believe youll have to wait to receive another order and hope its successful to improve your stats, or wait until that bad order falls off your statistics which sounds like it could be a while :frowning: I may be wrong - maybe mods can chime in :slight_smile:

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Sadly your last review was 1.5 which doesn’t count as a good review, so your overall is 3.4. You need at least 4.5 before you can apply to BR.

On your main profile page and on each gig page.

It might need time to update after your recent review.