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Positive rating under 90 for one bad review.That's why I am not able to send buyers request


I am not able to send buyers request. How can i solve this problem?


Get more positive feedbacks from your future orders.

You might want to check the logo you’re using as your avatar. It was designed by somebody with a different name, in a different country, and the company who paid for it might be more than a little upset to see it being used by you. Buyer trust is important. :wink:


Will you help how to check THIS?


Only use an image you created yourself?


How check this and how to add new one?


Did you create the image yourself?
Yes - upload it as your avatar.
No - don’t.


No don’t. I want to know how to know this?


You must know if you created the image yourself or not?

For the rest of, we right click on the image to see if it appears somewhere else - it’s not magic.


@designlover111, anyone who is able to use the Google image search function can immediately find that the logo was created by an indian designer who won a contest on Freelancer in 2017.


How to know this information?


I am out of this. Sorry.


Right click on the image and then choose ‘Search Google For Image’.



Thanks for show me this actually this was my fault.