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How to increase positive rating.At present , my rating is 86% and how positive rating decrease. ?


Rating is based on the number of stars you received in your orders.

I see you’ve got 6 positive review and 1 negative review.
You also got 1 x 4/5 star rating on 1 review and 5/5 rating on 5 reviews.
Doing the math

5 * 5/5 = 5
1 * 4/5 = 0.8
1 * 1/5 = 0.2

5+0.8+0.2 = 6
Total orders = 7
Calculating percentage: 6/7 * 100 = 85.7 ~ 86%

Get more positive reviews to increase your rating :slight_smile:


Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back in all your gigs.

You’ll get more refund requests, and you’ll probably have to refund some orders with negative reviews (less than 3 stars). However, if they have already given you a review, I’m told just refunding them won’t raise your rating. What you need to do is tell your buyers this:

“Hi, if you delete that negative review you gave me, I will refund your order. Then you’ll be able to hire someone else.”

Usually they say yes.

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Hi Robert

No secret to increase positive rating. Work smarter and harder.
In starting stages,

• Do dedicate work for customer’s satisfaction. Don’t work for the Money they paid.
• Be smarter while accepting the order, communicate clearly about your delivery time and all the stuffs. If you think you can’t do then reject the offer even it is 1000 dollar project.
• Create More gigs
• Check top sellers profile in Fiverr and learn how they made their gig description clean, clear and more importantly more friendly to buyers
• Communication plays vital role. Be prompt and Try not to be rude in any point.

Hope this Helps!! Have Nice days ahead!!

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fastcopywriter said: We all work for the money they pay, that's the whole point.
In my opinion, not always. The best works are the "hey, I'm having so much fun doing this, and people even pay me for it!!" kind of works. With that mentality, you usually deliver products and services that really satisfy your clients, and as a side-effect, comes the money. This doesn't avoid getting a nasty client once in a while, but minimizes their appearance, and maximizes the satisfaction of 'sane' clients.
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Reply to @naveennathan: But money is the tool that opens all doors, that creates all kinds of possibilities, that liberates you from debt, that lets you enjoy life.

Here’s the value of money, during the communist revolution in Cuba, Che Guevara decided to outlaw raises, so instead of rewarding deserving workers with a raise, he gave them certificates of appreciation. He also threatened that anyone who slacked off, would be fired. In other words, you still have to work like hell, but you’ll get nothing out of it.

Do you think that made them feel better? Wouldn’t a raise, a bonus, something they can actually enjoy, make them feel amazing? Would you want to work in a company where everyone is a manager but nobody has managerial powers?

This is my point! Money and power have meaning, especially if you earn it. If it’s given to you without earning it, you might feel guilty or not appreciate it. But if you pay me nothing, then my work is worth nothing, you will not value it because you got it for free.

There is one exception, if my boss tells me, “you have no idea how many times I have saved you, how many times I have fixed your work,” that’s a soul-crushing statement, that makes me feel like a piece of dirt, it would be better to get fired than to live with that guilt. And that is why when a customer hates my work, I will often cancel it, because I don’t need that guilt.


Reply to @naveennathan:

naveennathan said: • Do dedicate work for customer's satisfaction. Don't work for the Money they paid.

We all work for the money they pay, that’s the whole point. No money? No work. If Fiverr was called Zerorr or Zererr, would anyone be here?

Customer satisfaction is crapshoot. One customer loves you and gives you a tip, another one demands a revision. You can’t work for their satisfaction because you don’t know what satisfies them.

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Reply to @belengarcia: well noted,as a new seller who have not gotten any sales and you now manage to get one or two buyers you have to over deliver and even do the work of $50 for $5 all in the efforts to get good reviews…how do one identify those clients you cannot satisfied when they contact you for a job? thanks

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Ya of course we work for money. I am not telling work for no money. Just saying do little more work to earn more repeated customers. out of three all asks for 5 revisions before close the order. But you will earn atleast one repeated customer out of them and 3 positive rating. Both will lead you to earn more. So we also reached our ultimate goal (earn more money) and also satisfied all the customers.

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Reply to @belengarcia:

belengarcia said: you usually deliver products and services that really satisfy your clients, and as a side-effect, comes the money
Wow!! Well said Belengarcia. If we really work in this way. Will earn money as well and also earn inner peace. People earn just for Money!! Money!! Money!! eventually they are earning more pressure inside them and then after some years they start to search for peace.

Reply to @naveennathan: The guy who asks for 5 revisions is abusive. One revision is enough, and I will only do it if it’s worth my time, two revisions is pushing it, three is out of the questions. Suppose you hire me to write brand names for your new blog, I do my best, and then you demand a revision and write:

"This is very amateurish.

  1. S-cks
  2. Is too blah
  3. Is lame
  4. I don’t get it
  5. S-cks"

Then why should I waste more time with you? It’s bad enough I wasted time working on this, am I supposed to waste more time? What if you demand more revisions?

Instead, I preferred buyers like an Israeli who has hired me twice because his partner didn’t think brands with the word “head” where good for him. See? Buyers like that are great, they appreciate your time.

I have another buyer that spends $10 to $15 on Facebook ads ($5 for the ad, $5 for me to do interests, another $5 for demographics). She’s hired me three times, the last time gave a tip, and she always write a beautiful, 5-star review.

So why should I waste my time with people that don’t appreciate me? Let them hire someone else if they don’t like my work.

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Reply to @belengarcia: Fun is relative, yesterday I got an order for a condom manufacturer. Creating brand names for him was fun. Creating brand names for yet another seller selling supplements, isn’t fun, it’s actually rather hard.

Same goes for teespring, yesterday some guy wanted football headlines, I almost rejected the order because I’ve never liked football, don’t know much about it (American football that is, not soccer), but then I did a little research and got inspired. In the end, most writers can write about things they know nothing or little about, it’s just that it’s always easier to work within your comfort zone.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: I don’t see 5 revisions as abusive. But I agree with you in few points, if some customer is more rude and we know this customer is not going to be satisfy at all or will demand more and more then its better to leave.

In other case, as I see designing field (I am a graphic designer) taste various dramatically among people specially when we do cross culture works. So its better to listen them and do small tweaks. Even I don’t agree if they want me to recreate everything.

Lets take a scenario, For a $5 order, If I am doing 2 revision and then not doing further revisions even client asked for it, then I may get 3 start rating. But if I am agreeing and doing just 2 more revisions may be 10 or 15 mins work and I will get 5 star rating. So Why should I waste a 5 star rating to save 10 mins ?

Reply to @naveennathan: Here’s the thing, even if you do all those revisions, you might not get any rating, or a negative rating, or a demand for a refund. That’s a risk I can’t afford to take.

I think right now you’re more open minded about revisions because you’re not getting 10 to 20 orders a day, so you have more time to dedicate to each other. Once you start getting a ton of orders, you’ll have to see if difficult clients are really worth the trouble?

Look at it this way, today I had a $55 order, the job was hard but I did it well, and the guy was really happy, didn’t even demand a revision.

However, if I get a $5-$20 order, and the guy demands revisions, I’ll probably just cancel the job. I’d rather focus on something else. I can get plenty of 5-star review from other people. Believe me, you’re not losing anything, in fact, you might be avoiding some negative reviews that would have come even if you work hard.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Ya that is a good point. For now I don’t get 10 or more orders in a day. May be I will do the same when I get more orders.
I just advised him for initial level.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: man, I guess you are taking the topic into different perspective. I am not telling to work for no money or low wage. And also clearly mentioned in some cases if I feel the client is not at all going to be satisfied, I will cancel the order.
My point was its okay to go little beyond the money to satisfy the customer. Specially in Initial stage to get the market.

how to ncrease my positive rating

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The thing is, a review can’t be deleted or hidden except by CS

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That is correct, and CS won’t delete a review unless it violates TOS (perhaps the review uses profanity?).